So many of you have met my roommate Shannon over the past year and a half. Well, tomorrow night you're finally going to get a chance to see her on TV.

Yup, tomorrow at 11 pm she and our buddy Chad are going to be on the Game Show Network's "ground breaking original series" Cram.

I'm not making this up.

Last fall she and Chad spent twenty-four hours behind glass over at Hollywood & Highland studying, er, well ... cramming ... for this new show "Cram". Wait, here's how they describe it on their website:

The cool thing? They won! (Although she told me they only split $5000).

So tomorrow if you're bored at 11 pm (PST/EST), flip over to the Game Show Network and watch Shannon win. Don't get the Game Show Network? Call your local cable / satellite provider and ask them to add the Game Show Network to their channel lineup. Although it probably won't happen before tomorrow night. So you should probably go over to a friend / neighbor's and crash on their couch. Don't have a friend / neighbor? Darn, are you sad.

Thanks for watching! And I'll be sure to give more warning if Shannon's ever going to be on Blind Date.

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