Omigod! He killed Randy! You bastard!!!

LEGO dude with camera This page was going to be all about how cool Legos are, but first I have to get onto why Dawson's Creek makes me hate to be a film student.

Okay, on with my little critique of the new Tuesday WB show. First off, let me not even get into how cool Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer is. It rocks. It's funny, with cool characters and some intriguing stories. Hell of a lead in.

And when nine o'clock rolls around, it's time for one-note Scream scriptwriter Kevin Williamson's show. Dawson's Creek, all about Dawson Leary (same syllables as Cotten Weary, note) the tenth grade filmmaker wannabe. Why is Dawson so grown up for a tenth grader? Here he goes, waxing philosophical about women and life and all, yet he has to ask his dad how to kiss. (And what is up with his parents? Ugh!) Then there's that little tramp, Jen. Eeegh. Blonds are always trouble. Joey and Pacey, Pacy (whatever) are the only two believable characters. Sure, Pacey/Pacy with the teacher is pretty sickening, okay, damn revolting. And Joey should just throw herself at Dawson, God only knows why she likes him. But we know that soon she'll grow up and go to college, forgetting the crush of her life when he goes to Boston for Film School. They'll probably never talk again after that. This is fine.

But back to the film thing. Okay, sure, we all made those silly videos in high school, and we all liked Spielberg, but not that much. It borders on ... well, derranged. But to see a character so entwined in film, it's sick. I hope to God I wasn't like that as a boy. Either way, the whole film backdrop was fine in Scream, and although worn thin in the sequel, it was acceptable. But the cynical fifteen year olds played by, what are they, twenty, twenty-one year olds is pretty dumb.

And then there's that theme song, sure to induce vomiting in most self aware teens. Overall, the show sucks. If it weren't for Joey and Pacey/Pacy, and the fact that it follows my favorite show, I don't think I'd ever watch it agian. Dammit, let kids be kids.

And Let adults be kids, too. (Back to Legos ...)

LEGO toy car "Only the best is good enough." With that, Ole Kirk Christiansen set up his toy shop in Billund, Denmark in 1932. Named from the Danish words 'LEg GOdt' meaning 'play well,' the Lego company is one of the coolest toy companies around. I mean, how many toys for ages 5-12 can still captivate college kids, even adults? Especially with our age group growing up with the toys. The first Legoland mini figures with moveable arms and legs were only introduced in 1978. The next year Legoland Space was launched. I just thank the Lord that I was born in the prime time to grow up with these toys.

That led up to last year, when there were 1001 different Lego System pieces. (That's not even counting the many different colors!) They form 227 different Lego Sysyem sets. Sure, nowadays they're making more custom pieces, so you can't build everything out of just one set, but some of these new specialized pieces are pretty cool.

And next spring, 1999, the first Legoland in America is opening in Carlsbad, California. Hopefully I will be firmly working in Southern California by then, and I'll be able to visit out there. Until then I want to hit the second Lego Imagination Center in America at Downtown Disney Marketplace, which just opened last year. It's got everything, and more. That's why every year children spend almost 5 billion hours playing with LEGO bricks.

So I will continue to play with Legos, and enjoy it. I feel that Legos fostered my imagination as a child, and thus I grew up to be a more normal adult, at least much more normal that freakin' Dawson Leary. And that is good.

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