My Disneyland Resort Annual Pass has Expired.

This is the first time in over four and a half years that I just can't bust into Disneyland or California Adventure on a whim.

And I don't really feel horrible about it.

So much has changed since I moved to Southern California in June of 1998. I remember how psyched my brother and I were to buy Annual Passes to Disneyland - what was that, our third day in the state? So young and idealistic.

And then there was 2001 - when California Adventure opened. I had already been to the new park for a preview day, but I still drove all of the way down to Anaheim on opening day! (Read my geek rantings at Only in California!)

Which leads us to 2002. For lots of reasons I'm not going to actually write my full list of complaints about the Walt Disney Company in 2002 on my website. (It's actually very, very ironic that I'm not going to, but you'll probably miss that reference ...)

Anyway, trust me, my attitude has completely shifted.

And then today it was announced that Michael Eisner got a $5 million bonus for 2002. It's just so wrong. Company-wide layoffs, salary cuts, depressed stock prices - and he gets MILLIONS!

Well, he's not getting the $129 for my annual pass ...

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