The Special Goodness.

Living in LA and being a fan of rock music is rough. Seriously.

I mean, the only radio station which plays current rock n roll music is KROQ. And KROQ can suck. Not always, but sometimes. See, they only play fifteen songs over and over and over all day long. So if you don't like one, or two, or most of those fifteen songs, you're shit out of luck.

This is why I've programmed Power 106 and 100.3 The Beat into my radio. Not that I really ever listen to rap and hip-hop, but I'll gladly choose random rap over System of a Down, Tool, more System of a Down, more Tool, or that friggin' Liam Lynch and "United States of Whatever". God-damn does that song piss me off!

But lately KROQ hasn't been half bad. I mean, the other day I heard Johnny Cash doing a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt". If only he hadn't changed a few of the lyrics it would have been perfect. As it stands now, it ain't half bad!

And check out KROQ's top fifteen most played songs right now:

Not a huge Chevelle fan, but the rest rock (hell, five of the songs have Dave Grohl on them - that makes them instantly rad!) So yes, lately I've been listening to KROQ.

Sadly, because KROQ has a two minute attention span, last night I heard one of their over-produced spots for "what's next". "Damn," I thought, "more crap is coming our way. These fifteen are goners to be replaced by more System of a Down and more Tool." It couldn't last forever, I guess. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. A penny saved is a penny -- what? Oh, nevermind.

But then they play a clip of a song. It ain't bad. Mr. Announcer comes on, "The Special Goodness."

The Special Goodness?!?

I damn near crashed my car.

The Special Goodness is a side-project from Weezer drummer Pat Wilson. Back somewhere in 1996, post-Pinkerton, Pat started a side project called The Special Goodness. He recorded an album all by himself, which was released in 1998 - only in Japan.

Cut to: after Weezer records the Green Album in 2001. Pat keeps going and records another album for the Special Goodness, selling it on his website.

Now he joins old pal Atom Willard from Rocket From The Crypt and Murphy Karges from Sugar Ray in the new new Special Goodness. The new album is out March 4th. And the first single, "Life Goes By" is on radio stations now. Hey, it's what's next from the media machine known as KROQ.

You just know it's going to be big.

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