My New Car.

Okay. How crazy is this. Today I drove my new car to work.

Yes, you might think that I've been dreaming, or maybe have just had too much magical Disney pixiedust. But it's true.

My 1991 Saab 900S, which I bought used (obviously) right after college almost five years ago, has been a great car. Kind of a headache for the past, hmm, two years, but a great car overall. Sure, the clutch has been a punk, ever since that chipper fall day in 2000 when it just died in the intersection of Sepulveda and Wilshire at 8:30 am mid-rush hour, but a great car overall. Oh, and then there was Thanksgiving of 2001 when that repaired clutch gave up the ghost and died in my driveway, but still a great car overall.


Anyway, this past week it's been acting funny, again, and I usually know what that means. Time for a new clutch. (Perhaps even a new repairman!)

So yesterday, instead of sinking another couple of hundreds, possibly a thousand, dollars into the old lady, I decided to go looking for a new car.

What with it being the end of the month, and somewhat rainy, I was hoping for a good deal. My trusty chauffeur Michele drove me over to South Brand Boulevard in Glendale - one of those streets with every car dealer in the world one it. (Sadly Nate, there's no Daewoo dealer ...) I originally went into the Volkswagon dealership to look at this used 2002 Jetta GLS with about 7000 miles on it, but after discussing, well, no, there wasn't much discussion, but after I was pretty much told what it would cost to buy it, I decided to look into leasing a 2003 Jetta GL. It's cheaper, so I went with it.

That's right. Now I'm the proud lessee of a 2003 Jetta GL in Platinum Grey. (see photo below, although it's not as dark as it looks in the photo. So it's a bad representation.)

So next time we're going somewhere, you and me, I'll drive.

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