And now the Krycek of the Boston area Disney Stores ...

That's right kids, I've gone renegade! Whoo-hoo. Just like our favorite double agent in the FBI, I've jumped ship from my all-seeing employer. Yes, the Disney Store, Incorporated and I officially parted ways yesterday.

My first instinct was to fill this page with subtle hints on how the Disney Store, Inc. perpetrates falsities and blatent lies to its Cast Members (employees) and its Guests (shoppers). But that's not needed as it will become abundantly clear in the coming weeks, months and years that the Disney Store, Inc. and its parent company, Disney Consumer Products are running a big sham. And if that doesn't work, then I'll call in Mulder and Scully to blow the lid off of this mother ...

For now I'm just going to focus on my schoolwork over the coming three weeks, for they are the last three weeks of my school career. Weird, huh? It seems like only yesterday I was still in school. And now, on May 17th, I'm a college graduate.

And then it's off to California for real, to seek the fame and fortune that Kermit and company searched out many years ago. I'll be sad to leave Boston, it's been my home for four years now, but it's not like I'm leaving behind too much. I've been booted from Draft One Films, Little Kristen doesn't return my calls and Mychelle (even if she's in Maine) just plain lies to my face. So it's time for a new thing in Cali.

But now the work becons. It's all that I have left here, so onwards I go to meet my density ... er, destiny.

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