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Damn, I've finally updated my page. Cool. Well, you've chosen to find out more about me. First off, I must note that This site is phonetically all aboot me, not about me. This little slip into Canadian-speak was first noticed in the Summer `96 at Walt Disney World by my roommate Donell (and now a not-so-shameless plug for my Josh's WDWCP Adventure page, where you can see, hear, and smell the fine folks I lived with two summers ago!). He thought I was trying to sound like I was from Loosiana. That's only when I'm cooking with Cajun Peppers and "l'il bit hot sauce". Since then, every single person I've encountered has said, "Ooooh, from Canada, eh?" To which I have responded many times with a swift kick to their privates. Not that I don't like Canada, I just don't like people.

So more abou ... I mean, aboot me. I'm a graduating Senior at Boston University's College of Communication, where I'm studying film. That's really fun, as I look to a promising career in the food service industry. Right now I'm in a really cool Directing class, as well as two, count `em two films studies classes with Keith Hamel: Film Noir and Acting in Celluliod Life or something like that. Oh, I also have a really sweet 20th Century American Presidents class with Robert Dallek, famed historian of Lyndon Johnson. To tell you the truth, I've given up all hope on this semester.

But in May I'm making the famed cross-country trip to California to strike it big, much like Lyndon Johnson and Kermit the Frog did (not together, fool!! One was real and the other just a figment of the CIA, FBI and NSA. Did I mention Castro and the Mafia, too?) I plan to sing, dance and make my way to Cali like Goofy and Max, Danny and that little Ice-sellin' penguin, and Bonny and Clyde. (?)

Speaking of normal, well, ... why were we talking about normal? What the hell is this? Segue, segue!! Damn, this is all just my old page, recycled. Now back ot the discussion, already in progress ... page was supposed to be all aboot me! So more about me. My favorite movies! Let's talk about movies! Here's a list of my top twelve movies, up from my former top ten.

Now let's discuss my selections. "Back to The Future" is such an well crafted movie. Each time I watch it, I notice something new, some little hint or clue. I love that. Also, Michael J. Fox is still an inspiration to me. Which brings me to "Aladdin" - never before, and never again (oops, bad pun) has one movie influenced me as much as Musker and Clement's masterpiece. I love Robin Williams, I have always tried to be him. And this is his total defining role, no holds barred insanity. I love that. Also, I love Aladdin's character, as well. So this film has double meaning. "Star Wars: A New Hope" - man, what can I say? I just saw it for the first time on the big screen last ... er, year, now, huh? Wow! It's such a defined universe, with character arcs, and subplots, and back stories like you can believe! But the best part, without a doubt, is Han Solo. Isn't he just the ballsiest character you know? And not two steps away is Indiana Jones. But what makes "The Last Crusade" even more of an excellent movie is Sean Connery. He rocked as Bond, don't get me wrong, but those movies just couldn't pull me in as much as his recent stuff. Like "The Rock" - now my brother Daniel didn't like it. I loved it. The bad guy wasn't a stock insane bad guy, the heros weren't stock heros - it wasn't a typical buddy flick. And, as a child of the MTV Generation(tm) I love Michael Bay's direction. Visually it's so neat, swooping cameras, weird filters - it's a two and a half hour music video! Love it!

On the far extreme, a classic tale - "The Muppet Movie". Anyone who doesn't like Kermit and the gang must be brain dead. The jokes, and puns, are so grown up that I don't even see what I liked about it as a child! Like, Kermit riding the bicycle, or something like that? (How did they do that, by the way?) Another epic saga of the time - "The Blues Brothers". Now, I've always liked this movie, if only for the great car chases in it. But seeing Dan Ackroid's latest stuff has made me appreciate a time when he was funny. And poor John Belushi. But as a trade off, we have the modern day team of Jay and Silent Bob from Kevin Smith's "Mallrats". Damn, it just replaced "Clerks" on my top ten! I guess Brodie kicks Randals ass? Drawing from Smith's inspiration, John Hughes is next. Once again, I appreciate Hughes so much more now that he sucks. Well, "Home Alone" was funny - but man, they're making a third one?! I mean, made a third one. "Ferris Buller" combines all of the great elements of a teen flick. It is great. And coming back around, it's Zemeckis, with "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". This was done before the big influx of computers into everyday films, which makes it all the more stunning. But what I love, again, is the characterization. They are all great! Roger, who only wants to make people laugh, poor Eddie, with his sad tale, and Jessica, with her Jessicaness. It's a great movie, fully entertaining.

And now, new to the big list, is "The Lion King" - one of my new most favorite big movies ever. Look at the film. It's beautiful. The animation is near flawless, the backgrounds are masterpieces, the score is haunting, the songs delightful the emotions so real ... aaahhh, a real Masterpiece. Sure, the story is a cobbled together piece of rip-off, everything from "The Jungle Book", to "Fox and the Hound" to "Hamlet". But overall, damn.

Lastly on my list is "T2". Yup, Zak's favorite liquid metal! Why include it, well, for two reasons. A) It's an action movie with heart, I mean, how many flicks like this can you watch with your mom? and B) just because of this little film, perhaps you've heard of it, Titantic? Well, I for one am sick to death of this film. Now I relish the real films Cameron made. Aliens, the Abyss and T2.

As I said before, this list is totally subject to change. In fact, here are my runners up:

Don't even ask. It's better that way.

Well I am fully out of time and effort. And there most likely won't be a next time, at least here at BU. So until then, later. (huh?)

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