The coolest PJs in 1981 ... or even 2002...

Yesterday I was at my sock drawer in the morning picking socks. Yeah, I know that sounds strange, but that's what I do with my mornings. What of it?! No, really, the one item of clothes that I really care about is socks. I guess it all started with Crazy Holly back in high school. One summer she bought me these really funky navy green socks, with little toe and heal pieces that were blue, and speckled colors in the green. At first I thought they were semi-fruity, but as I wore them more and more I liked them more and more. Ironically the socks died sometime around sophomore year in college when Holly and I broke up. It's like the little guys just gave up living. (sniff, sniff) So sad ...

Anyway, since then I've ammassed some kinda fun socks, and thus have a drawer filled with the rascals. Each morning, more than my pants, shirt, boxers or shoes I wonder, "What socks will I wear today???"

So back to yesterday. I was thusly doing the "What socks will I wear today" bit when I looked at the photographs on my dresser. I have one of Daniel at Epcot in 2000 when we went for a friend's wedding, I have one of my entire family at Easter or Thanksgiving taken when I was little, and I have one of Daniel and I in front of the Christmas tree twenty-one Christmas Eves ago, wearing new pajamas.

Now that's not the weird part. Well, I guess it's kinda weird. But the weird part is what the pajamas are. I'm wearing a Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back outfit (yes, even in my youth I gravitated towards the Dark Side) and Daniel is wearing a Spider-Man set.

See, both of these characters, Darth "Anakin Skywalker" Vader and Spider-Man are the main characters in two of the biggest movies coming out this summer. Sure, there's also Scooby-Doo, Lilo & Stitch, Men In Black 2, The Powerpuff Girls, Stuart Little 2, Austin Powers in Goldmember but the two most highly anticipated are fer sher the new Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

Do you see how I think this is kind of weird?

People wonder why some of the men in my generation, myself included, just won't grow up. The simple fact is that we don't have to grow up. The same things that were cool when we were five years old are still cool over twenty years later. Now, if only they made adult sized Darth Vader pjs ...

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