Today's fun fact: When Disney Closed the Worst Attraction in the Whole Park

On April 27, 2001 Disneyland Park officallyclosed the Rocket Rods attraction in Tomorrowland.

But I can't just end this fact here. This is just a prime example of what's wrong with Disneyland, the Disneyland Resort, and even larger, the entire Walt Disney Company.

See, Rocket Rods wasn't even open for three years. (Heck, sometimes it wasn't even open for three straight hours!) Since it had no corporate sponsor, Disney cheaped out on pre-show (there pretty much wasn't one) and adequately banked turns on the old, flat PeopleMover track. True, the Rocket Rods covered the old 16-minute PeopleMover route in just three minutes, but since they had to slow so much on each corner, the ride stressed the vehicles and track too much. Plus, it didn't really impress the guests.

Had Disney invested the proper amount of money in 1998, and built the ride correctly, it'd still be operating today. It might even be a fan-favorite. But it's not.

Instead, in September of 2000 the ride closed. A sign out front said, "reopening Spring 2001".

Nope. It was just another Disney lie.

So today, with Space Mountain closed for another two years, Tomorrowland, the newly revamped 1998 Tomorrowland, sucks ass.

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