What Rally Monkey?

Yesterday I got a group of kids together and we went down to Anaheim to see the Boston Red Sox play the World Champion Anaheim Angels.

It was a close-call, too. Pedro Martinez was pitching for the Sox, and left the game after seven innings with a score of four-to-two. Then freakin' Anaheim called forth the power of the Rally Monkey, and everything went to hell.

With help, of course, from Boston's bullpen.

The Angels came back and tied it four-to-four, sending the game into extra innings. Five, to be precise. But in the lucky fourteenth inning, pinch-hitter David Ortiz crushed a home run ball into the left field bullpen. The Red Sox were up five-to-four.

On the very next pitch Sox catcher Jason Varitek slammed another homer.

Then of course came the standard Red-Sox-get-into-a-double-play-to-end-the-inning that we've all seen way too many times before. Luckily Jason Shiell got three outs for his first career save and ended the game.

So I'm asking the Anaheim fans, is that all your monkey got? Bring it!

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