Where's my Mr. Green?!?

So I really feel like a big dork about this, but I can't help writing about soda. It seems every time I close the book, every time I finish a rant, every time I try and move on they keep pulling me back in.

See, lately I can't find SoBe's Mr. Green to save my life.

Mr. Green is Sobe's rip-off of Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb. I like it almost as much as Mr. Pibb (or the renamed "Pibb Xtra") but it has one simple improvement. I can, or at least, used to, be able to buy Mr. Green in cans. Mr. Pibb I can get at some Southern California soda fountains - such as at work or at my local McDonalds (hey, there's a reason that me and the boys go to McDonalds every Wednesday for lunch, and it certainly ain't the burgers). But what happens when I pack my lunch? Or if I'm chillin' at home and want a frosty beverage?

Thus cans of Mr. Green are great.

But two weeks ago at my local Ralphs grocery store, I couldn't find one twelver of Mr. Green. None. The horror! I ran to my local Sav-On drug store and was similarly denied (although I'm not really sure if they ever even sold Mr. Green in the first place). I settled with a case of Mountain Dew. Don't worry, I'll manage to choke it down.

Then this weekend again I ran to Ralphs to buy a few items, and scouted the soda aisle for The Green. Nothing. Nada. Nope.

God-damn it, where's my soda?

They better not pull this out from under me. To make sure, I just went to the Ralphs website and filled out a Customer Comment Card. (Don't worry, I was more polite than above.) "I really enjoy this product, please keep stocking it in the future ... or I'll go to Vons instead of your store ... beeyotch!"

Somehow, it just never fails. I enjoy something - a product, a tv show, whatever, and the corporate fools in charge always take me down.

It's hard being me.

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