Carbonated Beverages: The Continuing Saga

Yesterday I ranted at you about Mr. Green soda. Then I was in the supermarket and I saw another new soda - Sprite Remix. I had to buy and try it.

It's not bad. It pretty much tastes like Sprite, but with a little bit of a peach flavor. Almost like the old-school Clearly Canadian.

And then I heard about two MORE new sodas, so I thought, "Self, I have to write another damn column about soda. Jeesh! People are going to think I'm insane for spending so much of my life talking about a carbonated beverage."

But I replied, "You're also talking to yourself and typing it all out. They're going to KNOW you're insane."

"Good call."

The first of the new sodas, coming out in roughly a month is Mountain Dew LiveWire. "Mountain Dew lovers and soft drink variety seekers are in for an exciting summer. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Pepsi-Cola North America will offer Mountain Dew LiveWire, an orange-ignited new Dew, to consumers across the United States."

Sadly, as I am NOT a soft drink variety seeker, this does not apply to me.

For those of us who don't like variety, don't worry - we get a treat, too. Pepsi Vanilla is coming out in August.

I guess Pepsi figured that Coke was always on their jock, stealing the lemon-flavored thing and such, that it's payback time now.

Lastly, what's with that 7up dnL? It's green, and I like green soda, but I don't know much about it. Should I drink it?

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