And now for something completely different ...

I'm done college! Wow, how weird is that? Four years, wham, they're gone. Now I'm going to have a BS in Film. But I have to wonder, did I learn that much in college? Like, book learning? I'll be the first to admit that there's a ton of social growth in the 18-22 years, but for new things I can list? It's tough.

Maybe it's just me, worrying about this Film Degree. "Dude, it's just an entertainment field, it could go kaput just like that!" "All you really did was watch movies for four years!" "Even your minor in US History is more useful than Film!" (This is what's going on in my head, among other, less relevant things!) To a certain extent, this is all true. But I think really it's just me trying to ditch my New England-Puritanical roots before I head out to Cali next month. I'm going into a new phase in life, and want to be fresh for it.

This calls for a little reflection on the past - taking stock of the situation. I'm now 22 years old, a college graduate, a grownup. This is what I think I fear the most. I'm a grownup. Say what you will about Spielberg's Peter Pan complex, but I really admire that. I don't want to grow up. Well, didn't. Didin't until I saw this quote:

That pretty much sums up what I'm aiming to do in this next phase of life. Hopefully I'll make a happy and successful individual. I'll keep you posted, regardless.

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