Talkie Talkie Talkie

Crashed. "The application has unexpectedly quit. Blah blah blah."

If my life was like a movie, no, if my life was like a multiplex today would be the Felini film, that's what my life feels like. Just all sorts of events and things happening but no story. Confused characters, some action, the talking, (always lots of talking) but no cohesive story.

So I went home from work sick today. I went home sick from work today. Today I went home sick, from work. Today I left work early, sick. (You pick the opening sentence. I can't decide.)

I wasn't feeling well at all and I got all of my work done by 4 pm so I asked to leave early. Since my department doesn't have a manager (she took work's Voluntary Separation Package in June and they never replaced her) I just asked one of the other script coordinators. She said sure. Hey, at least it's nice and informal.

But wait up, you say, why are you sick in the summer? Well, I didn't get all too good of a sleep this weekend. This weekend I didn't sleep all too well. I didn't sleep well this weekend. (Again with the not picking of the sentences.)

Like, on Saturday morning I woke up at 5 am having some insane dream about aliens and stuff. Cute Girl #2 from work was there, I think she was working FOR the aliens. (By the way, although she's cuter than Cute Girl #1, Cute Girl #2 smokes and therefor loses lots of points in my book. Not that I'd ever talk with her anyway, but if I did I might mention that her cute girl status is in danger from the smoking thing.)

Regardless, the real reason that I'm sick, I mean, other than the Aliens giving me the Hanta Virus and Pink Eye when they abducted me on Friday night, is that my sheets were all twisted and thrown to the floor last night, and my window was open, and I think I just got the chills. You know, that early-18th Century disease, much like "The Vapors".

Anyway, I finished work and left and came home and slept and then drank a big jar of Sobe's Liz Blizz and I think that has caffine in in, I should check the bottle label but I can't because I threw the bottle at the attack monkey that was trying to get into my window, namely to attack me and junk.

BTW, have you been over to Mike's Pimpin' column lately? It has a story with a monkey.

Why do I feel like a damn Blogger?!? "Yo, visit Mike's column an stuff, it's way kewl."

Back to the evening affairs. After said excitement I watched Boston Public. I still can't make up my mind about that show - it's so very unrealistic, but like a car wash I just have to keep tuning in.

And then I checked my e-mail and got one from Momo about some web virus that's going to render us back to 1994, oh the horror. Much like the one that I got from both Phil and Rob today, I just wish that all of these warnings of impending internet doom would go away. It's just crying wolf, and someday there really will be an internet emergency and we won't care. Like Chicken Little and shit.

Ha, now that'd make a great movie.

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