Ten Things That Make Me Wicked Happy:

10.) Wicked as an adjective. (See above)

9.) The typeface PT Banana that I used in the title above.

8.) The new icon that I just stumbled upon for my new/old computer, Bad Ass (See A New Addition to the Fleet!) You can download the icon fablue_icons_10.sit - it's the one called "gauche".

7.) Hell, my new/old computer, Bad Ass.

6.) Weezer's Keep Fishin'.

5.) Canada Day.

4.) That former presidents Carter and Ford not only became friends after the 1976 Presidental election, but that the two have recently co-chaired a panel on election reform in the wake of last year's bitter 35-day legal battle, calling for federal funding for states to upgrade their voting equipment, setting uniform statewide standards to cound ballots, asking broadcasters not to project winners until polls close in all 48 contiguous states and making Election Day a federal holiday.

3.) Attack Monkeys. God bless 'em.

2.) That Christmas comes but once a year.

1.) Photography. Like this photo: spaceship_e.jpg.

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