The Best Picture for 2002 is ...

Blue Crush. Yep.

Actually, there should be a whole new Academy Award for this. How about, Best Movie Ever?

Okay, so not really, because it's such a simple idea. Surf girls of Maui. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Not a whole lot more. I mean, who would ever think that hot, tan young women in bikinis doing death-defying feats would ever be this cool? Honestly?

One man did. His name? Brian Grazer.

With the release of this movie, producer Brian Grazer is finally going to be put on the map. Gone are his days of, "My Girl" and "My Girl 2", "Kindergarden Cop" ("Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"), or even the lackluster "CB4".

Too long has Brian Grazer been in Ron Howard's bald shadow, producing such slop as "Parenthood", "Night Shift" or "Far and Away". Whatever Ron wanted, Ron got.

But not anymore.

Soon Brian Grazer will be out of Ron Howard's shadow. Making big big movies with big big stars - imagine Mike Meyers in a cat suit, Eddie Murphy in a fat suit, Jim Carrey in a hairy green body suit, or Eminem dressed up like a rapper! Rick Baker makup for everyone!

Yep, Brian Grazer is going to be big.

And this weekend you can go see the movie that will make him so. It's called "Blue Crush". Go for the hot, tan young women in bikinis doing death-defying feats, stay for the Brian Grazer produced goodness.

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