It's raining in LA! Kinda ...

Holy cats! It's totally raining right now! In Los Angeles! In the summertime!

See, we don't get rain much here in the arid desert of Southern California. Sure, we have your January and Feburary storms, and them there Niños every once in a while, but this is out of the ordinary. This is rain in August!!

Okay, it's not really "rain" that you'd think of in the "rain" sense, such as "rain storm" or "rain showers", but it's percipitating! For reals!

Well, "percipitating" might be a strong word.

How's "misting"?

Naw, it's doing more than misting. But not quite "sprinkling".

What comes between "misting" and "sprinkling"?

and where exactly does "drizzling" fit in to this?

I myself picture "drizzling" as a colder rain, like, to quote Fat Axl, "a cold November rain". And, as it is only August, I don't think that it is "drizzling" here.

As much as I hate the term (meterologically, that is), I think the best phrase to define today's weather patterns in Los Angeles is "spitting".

So what's a more proper way to say "spitting"?

You know what I mean, right? Rain is coming down enough that you need your windshield wipers on the lightest setting. The water's kind of "condensing" on the windshield, not really hitting it, but almost being magnetically drawn in.

And when you're walking in it, it's not "misting" because there's more gravity to it. You can barely feel the tiny drops hit you, but it's not like walking through a cloud of mist.

But then it's not as strong as a sprinkler, which is where I derive my definition of "sprinkle" from.

So yeah, it's spitting here in LA. Nice image, eh?

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