Good Old Boy, or Pa Kent?

"Superman" meets "Dawson's Creek".

That's how they pitched "Smallville", coming this fall to the WB.

Raping our fond memories of Superman is what the fans say.

Lana Lang is Asian, not redheaded. Lex Luthor lives in Smallville, and is the bad guy. Superman/Clark Kent is played by some overly good looking shlub extra from that party where Dawson tries to tell Joey that he loves her.

Oh boy are they're messing with a good thing. But at least they're going all the way with this.

See, Bo Duke playing Pa Kent.

"Hay there, I'm Paw Kent!"
(get it? "Hay" instead of "hey"?!?)

Well, at least we know if Bo strikes they can go get they guy who played Coy Duke for those two seasons to play Pa. I heard that he's working at the Arby's just off of Sunset in West Hollywood, which is where I hope the cast of this gawd-aweful show ends up soon after it's cancelled and the WB goes off the air for showing such tripe.

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