Pepsi Blue versus Mr. Green

So, as you might know, all summer long I've been following the carbonated beverage industry's new sodas, from Pepsi Blue to Mr. Green, Pibb Xtra to Vanilla Coke.

I just recently, however, tried both of the "colored" drinks. Pepsi Blue and Mr. Green. And boy, did I have a strong reaction.

See, I love blue foods. I don't know why, they just amuse me and intrigue me like all get-out. Blue Jell-o, blue food coloring, blue Gatorade, blueberries ... ahh, the list is ended. They don't make enough blue foods.

Sadly, Pepsi Blue is lame. Lame and bad. Good looking, but still lame and bad. It starts out okay, but it's just weak. Then the aftertaste kicks in - it's like carbonated water, but scummy. I'm not really a fan. And I was trying really hard.

Mr. Green, however, is the complete opposite. If even there was a color called "shit green", then this'd be it. It looks like the green apple blow-pops that have the pink gum in the middle. You know those colors that shouldn't work together? Honestly, it might be the ugliest food since refried beans.

But the taste! Ah, the taste. It's like a little sweeter Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper. It has a fruity kick to it. It's not better than the real Pibb deal, but it's a good replacement (for those of you who can't buy the Mister in your neighborhoods ...).

The sadest part is that I just don't buy soda. Sure, I'll get it at McDonalds or other fine restaurants that my peasant salary can afford, but I don't buy a six pack at the store unless I'm having guests visit. So my opinions, while valid, won't sway anyone or anything. For if they did, Pepsi Clear would still be around.

And that would be a happy world, indeed.

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