It's like clockwork. Time to donate!

Just wanted to let you all know that Bill Lawson, the Chairman of the Department of Film and Television at Boston University just dropped me a line today. Seems I haven't donated in the past year, and he's ready to shake me down.

Haven't they learned from last year's event that I don't want to donate?

So I think I have a new plan. This year I'm not even going to donate fifty cents like I did last year. This year I'm going to donate forty-nine cents. Each year'll drop another cent. By the time I'm seventy-five I won't give them shit.

And for those of you touchy BU Alums, don't worry. I actually do donate time to the school - last year I went to several receptions and interviewed a potential student. So phooey on you. Karma ain't gonna bite me in the rear ...

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