September 11, 2001

This morning in the shower I was already planning my article for the day. See, yesterday I just received an e-mail from a ghost from the past. It was very random and very odd. Needless to say I was pondering over dozens of funny tidbits to share. It was going to rock.

Then I got in my car and turned on the radio.

At first I thought I had left the radio on some weird station- this was some kind of news feed. Since my commute is so short, usually I just listen to KROQ for the five minutes I'm in the car. But then I listen to what they're saying on this newsfeed. All baseball games were canceled nationwide, they said. Walt Disney World in Florida was closed.


If you know anything about Disney you know that Walt Disney World never closes - well, it's closed once in thirty years - for Hurricane Floyd on September 15, 1999.

So whatever the hell is going on is big.

Then Ralph from the KROQ morning show came on - explaining to the people who just tuned-in that someone had leveled both World Trade Center towers in New York with jumbo jets. Also the Pentagon had been hit with another jet.

Suddenly all of my other thoughts disappeared.

I pulled into the Xxxxxx Studio Lot - five security guards met me.

I walk into work - somber quiet.

Fifteen minutes we're told to go home. The Xxxxxx Studio Lot might be a potential target.

I don't remember the drive home - except that I pulled over on Olive for a firetruck and an ambulance. I got home and turned on the TV. Katie Couric showed me the second jet hitting the tower. A minute later they showed the two collapse.

What did John Fogerty say? "I know it's true, oh so true, 'cause I saw it on TV"?

I called Mom and Dad in Waterford. All circuits busy. Again. Still busy. Third time I got threw and got the machine. I told them I was safe and evacuated from work, choking up for the first time.

I know I have nothing new to add to this whole topic. And words, quite frankly, escape me on it anyway. I must be the millionth person to say that it looked like a movie. That jet, full of people, crashing through the tower in a fireball. It looked like the opening to Armageddon there, with Mr. Cooper and that Eddie guy from Malcolm and Eddie.

Two other thoughts crossed my mind today - two weird and random and very un-Josh-like thoughts. First off, I want to buy a flag. A United States flag. I have no idea where I'd hang it, but I feel like I should have one. Not that I'm unpatriotic, but, well - I'm just not a flag flier. Maybe I will be from now on.

Second I want to give blood. Now, if you know me at all you know that I am painfully afraid of needles and of blood. Just the other month when I was sick they took blood, and man did that freak me out. Three little vials, not bigger than my index finger. But now I want to give blood.

I have nothing else to add. I watched TV today for probably the better part of twelve hours. I saw the same images a dozen times. I'm still scared by them. As far as I know, nobody I'm close with was at either of the scenes. But that's not really the point. Next time it could be LA. It could be Boston. It could be my friends. These terrorists have done their job. I'm terrifed.

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