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Alright. I was going to take time off from Josh Against the Machine in the wake of the recent attacks on the United States. I mean really, who wants to hear me complain about the tiny details in life at a time like this? But I just can't hold off on this one. Not when I keep getting messages like this:

This is a hoax. Outright. Much like Bill Gates and Walt Disney Jr giving you free Gap cargo pants for forwarding their e-mail. Yes, Nostradamus is real, or was real, in the 1500s. But no, this ain't real. First off, he didn't write full on paragraphs like this. He wrote all of his "prophecies" in four line poems (quatrains).

Here's the real verse that someone added on to:

Keep in mind that this is translated (he wrote in French and Latin and Italian) so it could be wrong. Does this refer to September 11, 2001? Who knows, there's no date on it. See sometimes Nostradamus actually give dates or at least celestial timeframes when the prophecies will happen. The prophecies are said to be valid until 3700 something AD. So what if in the next 1700 years we build a New City, closer to the 45 parallel (New York City is on the 40th) that burns - because of the Normans (French)! That would make more sense, for you do have to wonder what the French have to do with the World Trade Center attack. (Of course tonight on the news no doubt they'll have found Osama bin Laden in Paris, just to refute me!)

Now I'm not saying that Nostradamus didn't foresee this terrorist attack. I'm just calling for a healthy dose of skepticism. Each line, each word of Nostradamus' writings mean something. We can't just discount the first and last sentences and say, "Look - he said it was gonna happen!"

And honestly, if Nostradamus did predict this, it's not forewarning. We have something like a thousand of these really vague quatrains that are only good in hindsight. And even then, they're still sketchy.

Like this one. Does this refer to JFK's assassination?

Would this one mean France's King Henry II, who when jousting with Count Gabriel de Montgomery got a poke in the eye that splintered into his temple, causing him to die ten days later?

And is this Hitler? Or is it John Lennon?

If so then, what does this mean?!?!?

... or how about this ...

Oh SHIT! Genghis Khan is going to fall from the sky in July of 1999! Run for the hills!

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