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The Lion King Photo So perhaps you've heard I worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation this summer. I don't want to brag, but it was so awesome!! I was an intern on the new upcoming feature, Kingdom of the Sun. It's pretty much common knowledge that Roger (The Lion King) Allers is directing and Mark (Cats Don't Dance) Dindal is co-directing. And I'm sure you're all mature enough not to write to me asking questions that you know I can't answer for you (of course I signed a confidentiality agreement, and I really don't want to upset Disney at all!) Hopefully someone will have an open position out there come May or June next summer, and then I'll be able to relocate for real and grown-up out there. It's a fun land, oh so different from my local burb of Boston.

Cats Don't Dance Photo But I'm glad to be back in Boston for my Senior year at Boston University. I'm doing some great film classes this semster: in Advanced Screenwriting we're writing a real full-length feature, in Production 2 we're shooting little blurbs of films, in American Masterworks we're studying the greats of the craft, and then I have a US History class for my minor. The film program at BU is pretty damn cool. Oh, I'm also in Film Unit, I'm the Office Manager. Film Unit at BU is a non-profit, student run production company. We make films, PSAs and training films for all sorts of fun organizations. Right now we're working with Boston University's Center for English Language Orientation Program, the Boston Police's K9 division, Boston University's Sargent Camp, and more.

So how many of you haven't seen Mark's animated feature Cats Don't Dance? You know, it's sad how many people haven't seen this fun and funny movie. The animation is really excellent, with some great cartoony characters. It's about this cat, Danny (voiced by Scott Bakula) who buses it to Hollywood back in the 1940s to become a big star. But at that time in Hollywood, cats didn't dance (hence, the title!) Danny starts out to change that, and in doing so meets some damn fine characters. I guess it must have been my journey to Hollywood, or more specifically Burbank, this summer that gets me going on this film. I really feel like Danny, heading out "where the streets are paved with gold, where dreams never get old, right here in Hollywood!" But I really relate to that cat. Even if you don't directly relate to the feline, check this film out. It's really funny, and bright, shiny and innovative. Heck, just Max the butler is reason enough to rent it! (Also check out their official site at:

Cats Don't Dance Official Site

Take to me to Cats Don't Dance!

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