Palindrome Tuesday

Today's date is 10-02-2001, a palindrome. Palindromes are words or sentences that read the same forward as it does backwards. (I always confuse it with anagram - you know, when a word or phrase is scrambled into another word or phrase using the same letters.)

Anyway, palindromes are fun, you've got words like "racecar" and "kayak", and the name "Hannah". Palindromical sentences can be even more fun, if slightly unrealistic:

And my personal favorite:

But back to the subject at hand. Apparently the last time we had a palindrome date was August 31, 1380. That is, if you use the American system of month/date/year = 08/31/1380. If you use the European system, the last one was 10 February 2001 = 10/02/2001. Yeah, kinda cheating, huh?

Of course, I don't even think the current Gregorian Calendar was adopted in Britain (and in the British colonies) until 1752, after being created in 1582. And I think the months were all different back then, too. So this whole exercise is a little off.

Regardless, the next palindromicalitical date is January 2, 2010 = 01/02/2010. Forget this waiting 620 years business!! We want our palindromicalitivity now!

So bring on the palindromes, and have a Happy Palindrome Day!

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