Not the movie, me. I think I'm getting insomnia.

See, last Monday morning I woke up at 4:30 am and just couldn't fall back asleep. I don't know why, it's not like I went to bed insanely early or anything. I just woke up and was awake.

At first I got freaked and thought, "Aw man, what if there's something wrong like another September 11th, or something with my family back East?" Like a psychic episode woke me.

Of course then I start worrying and my brain starts up, and it's game over for sleep.

Luckily it was only that one night last week. The rest of the week went fine, until last night/this morning.

I woke up today at 3:58 am.

At first I thought I was having a weird dream. You know, when you wake up and you're like, "Gah!" Then you fall back asleep. Well, it was like that, but without the falling back asleep. I got up. Went to the bathroom. Got a glass of water. Got back into bed.


At some point of tossing and turning and looking for a comfortable position you give up. I got my portable compact disc player and listened to a CD mix I made. Then another.

In that amount of time I heard my roommate's alarm, heard her hit snooze, then she got up for real, took a shower, brushed her teeth and went off to work.

At 6:30 or so I just gave up and turned on the lights and booted up the computer. I started a game of Civilization and played until 8 or so, then took a shower and went to work.

The ironic part was that I didn't make my own lunch this morning - I was in such a bad mood I decided that a La Salsa burrito from the commissary would help my day. And it did.

The thing that really bugs me the most is that I have NO idea what could be causing it. I mean, it's not stress from work, my job is the work equivalent of Funyuns - so light and airy that by the time you're done you've pretty much already forgotten it.

And I doubt it's my personal life that has anything to do with it, I mean, you guys here see most all about it - there's little to nothing going on, anyway.

Other than me struggling to pay the bills each month, well, there's not much that I have to worry about. Well, my car is slowly dying, too. Yeah. That. Plus I'm thinking about moving back to Maine, but have NO idea what I'd do there. So hmmm. Yeah.

Man, I'm not going to get ANY sleep tonight, either. Ugh.

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