Writers Block

Apparently there are two forms of writers block. The easy one is where you just can't think of anything to write. "Easy" meaning that beyond the frustration of not being able to conjure a simple idea, a body really doesn't have much else to do. Drink heavily, perhaps? Wait until an idea pops into the skull. Then write. Easy.

The "hard" writers block is what I have. Do you ever have those days when you have plenty of ideas but you just can't make them come out in a rational format? This past week I've had more "brilliant" thoughts, or at least thoughts which I think carry enough weight for me to commit them to paper, but every time I try and write them out, the words sputter and choke onto the page.

I feel like a once skinny now obese man trying to sprint a hundred yards. What once was a breeze my body just can't do. Start a paragraph, lose the idea. Rewrite the paragraph, words jumble together backwards and wrong. Try a third time - not the charm.

It feels like a simple mechanical failure. My brain is working properly, thinking of ideas, working them out. My hands are capable of the writing task. But somewhere, between the fingertips and the brainstem, a fifty-cent pipe-fitting has come loose and severed the connection, letting flow a dozen words at the same time, with no rational logical point.

This is frustrating as hell because I don't even think I'm explaining this correctly! My writers block has impeded my simple-discussion-point-making-logic. Help!

I want to write. I want to be able to write. I want to get over this so I can move on and write about all of the "brilliant" things that I'm thinking. Religion, racism and Star Trek, Why Esperanto is a grand idea, The failure of Disney's California Adventure ... all of these and more. Like how two of my favorite bands have lost key members in the past three weeks (Charlie from Goldfinger and Tavis from Reel Big Fish). Is it better for a band to break-up outright than have to replace fan-favorite members?

Yet I can't make the points that I'm trying to make. It's so frustrating and hard.

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