Empty palm.

Yesterday, for God-knows what reason, the batteries on my Palm Pilot died. I say "for God-knows what reason" because last time I checked, they weren't NEARLY as dead as, well, gone.

Sadly, my computer at home (Bad Ass 6400) has also seen better days. Right now it's being very ... fickle ... about me saving files. Like, it won't let me. Plus, I've had to wipe clean the system folder a few times, thus wiping clean the Palm backup as well.

I lost every address, phone nubmer and internet password that I had in the damn device.

I've had the Palm for two years now, since I worked at LEGO and moved twice in one year. For two years I've never written down a phone number or address. And now they're all gone.

This is how bad it is, just to give you an example. My brother and Arielle just got rid of their landline and are now going it alone with a cell phone. I have yet to memorize the number. I wanted to call them last night, as they are visiting LA in two weeks. But I didn't have their number. Hmmm. I'll call Jack and Karen. They'll have it.

Crap! I haven't memorized Jack and Karen's new number yet! I know it's 818-769-XXXX. I guess I could start at 818-769-0001 and go to 818-769-9999, until I hit theirs ... Ugh!

I have nothing.

And I'm the guy who always prides himself on having everything. Like the time that Karen called me from Cleveland. See, she and Darrin flew out to go to Cedar Point with Jack and Daniel and all, who were driving in from Maine. But Darrin and Karen (who should have a sitcom, just based on their name alone!) had a flight change or something, and wanted to call Jack's parents, who were picking the two up at the airport. Sadly, his parents have an unlisted number. The guys were still in the car somewhere between Maine and Cleveland. Karen was out of luck ... unless ...

Yup. I had the number. Had. Now it's gone. Just like every other number and address and even password I had. Technology has failed me.

Or maybe I've failed technology. Guess it's time to get me an old-fashioned, Twentieth Century address book.

So please drop me an e-mail if you haven't gotten one from me yet, asking for your info. There just might be a Holiday Card in it for you ...

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