Why My Life Isn't Fair, part 626

Apparently on Tuesday, November 20th after dating for a scant three months, actress/comedian Alexandra Wentworth married political playboy George Stephanopoulos.


Wentworth, if you didn't know, is one of my more favorite female comedians. You might know her as the blonde on "In Living Color". No? Okay, she was in the Wonderful World of Disney remake of "The Love Bug" with Bruce Campbell ... oh, you missed that one, too. Hm. She had a bit part in "Jerry Maguire"? The girlfriend in "Office Space"?

Okay, okay. She was "Man Hands" on Seinfeld.


I said it.

And you knew it.

Regardless, she's really funny and very attractive, man-hands aside. Kidding. I like a good set of man-hands to... no, no, really kidding. Anyway, I'm upset! She married a now washed up former political wonderboy, only seen on late-night MSNBC talk shows. Argh! That's so lame! And after only dating for three months! What the hell?

Not that actors are the most stable people, but doesn't she know that politicians and ESPECIALLY the people behind the scenes are no-good lying cheating all-around bad people? What gives?

I can only assume that Stephanopoulos (if that is his real name!) has some dirt on Wentworth. This is blackmail, plain and simple! For shame! It's SO right up his alley, though. If he doesn't have dirt on her, maybe somehow he's going to get her famous, like talk to some folks and get her a NBC sitcom or something. The spot after Friends, no doubt. He's still got connections, the bastard!

Really it just pisses me off that one of my more favorite female comedians is getting married. I don't like lots of female comedians, which is really sad, I know, but it's true. Most are either too blah (Cheri Oteri, Victoria Jackson) or too gah! (Margaret Cho, Molly Shannon).

Plus it was nice that she's kind of unknown, so it's not like I'm jumping on the bandwagon of a famous celebrity. I hate when people do that. She was kind of in her own little world, working and being on the fringe of fame.

Anyway, now I'm stuck with Sarah Silverman and, to a lesser extent, Nicole Sullivan. Oh, I'm keeping an eye on Maya Rudolph, too.

Guess the only thing I can do now is watch late-night MSNBC and throw shit at the TV screen, quietly planning my attack. Someday, Stephanopoulos, I will stop you ....

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