O Royal Tannenbaum

Yesterday my roommate and I got our Christmas Tree. Now this is going to sound completely foreign to lots of people, but that was the first time I'd ever paid for a Christmas Tree.

For the past couple of years I didn't have a tree in my apartment - the one year that I did was when I lived with the Monica Lewinsky look-alike, and she had a fake tree already. Before I lived in California I was at college in Boston, and honestly what college boys ever have a Christmas Tree?

Of course before that I lived at home, in the state of Maine. The Pine Tree State. The state with 17 million acres of forestland. Yeah. My family would make a day out of it, go into the boonies with some family friends, and find us a tree. Easy.

So, as foreign as that is to you, imagine me, in a vacant lot, somewhere in North Burbank, surrounded by one hundred and fifty pre-cut trees. It was like Maine on acid.

Then the fact that it couldn't have been 45 degrees warm out, and everyone around me, my sally roommate included, was complaining how cold it was. My long sleeve shirt was rolled up and I had on a fleece vest. That was it. Heck, to me it was warm!! No wind chill? No snow to slog through? That was the easiest Christmas Tree outing I've ever embarked upon!

So, in conclusion, I haven't gone totally cityboy on you! (Although, in some cityboys' defense, Boston, technically a city, was one of the colder places that I've lived in. A) Walking to class and around town meant I spent much more time outside than I ever did in Maine during the winter. B) Wind chill. Commonwealth Avenue redefines wind chill. 231 miles per hour on Mt. Washington? Nothing at all. A light breeze. C) Snow in Maine is fun - 35 degree weather rain in Boston is so not.)

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