Wishing you the most Generic Greetings of the Season

Awright folks, it's time for me to journey back East for the Holidays. Okay, Christmas - since I personally am going to celebrate Christmas it's not unpolitically correct of me to say it, right? It's only when I'm wishing the lady at Rite Aid, or the grocery bagger at Vons, or my local Rabbi a "Merry Christmas" that it's un-PC, right? As I don't know what holiday they might celebrate, I should wish them generic greetings.

Heck, that's a good idea for a card. Plain brown recycled paper stock with plain black printing:

Wishing you the most Generic Greetings of the Season.

Yet another idea that I should cash in on. Hey, if I do by next year I'm might be a rich man. How cool would that be?!? Christmas pres-- er, um ... Generic Presents for all!

And to all, a good night. See you next year.

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