It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

I'm homeless right now.

Yup, I have no home. How weird does that sound? No home. Homeless. In fact, I have had no address for three weeks. Three whole weeks! Damn near a month! On Thursday, August 31st, James, Liz and I moved out of the Sody Pet Lair (Sody Pet was out phone number, 763-9738. Our friend mikeochs is a genius for coining that one.) James, Liz and this dude Keith moved down to Hermosa Beach and this sweet duplex. I moved to their floor. Only for a few nights, then to Phil Cohen's couch, then mikeochs' couch, then to my buddy Nate's couch. Oh, I do have a roof over my head, don't get me wrong. I'm not living on Third Street or out of my car or anything. Right now I'm house-sitting/sub-letting Nate's place as he goes on a vacation to Europe. After that? My buddy Darrin's for a little bit. I'm all nomadic and shit, and it feels so cool! I say let me never be complete!

But this has really caused me to see my life in a different way. I put all of the clothes I need into two bags, another bag with "important" books, papers, CDs, comics. That's it. The rest is stored at the Hermosa Beach house of James, Liz and Keith. My books, my movies, my bed, my stuff. And the sad part? I've been fine for almost a month without all of it. What percent of what we have do we really need? How long can I go without missing any of it? I say deliver me from Sweedish furniture!

I guess you could say that, in reality, this is some pained attempt to escape LA. My job at LEGO is "at will", so I can quit anytime. I have no bills, no lease, nothing holding me down. In theory I could be out of this town at the drop of a hat. Where I'd go, well, that's the question. I'm not really looking right now, but to have the option there, it's so freeing! No contracts! No responsibilities! I say evolve, and let the chips fall where they may.

The biggest problem is losing touch with people. I don't really have a phone of my own, so that cuts down on who can call me. Oh, I still have e-mail, and all of my mail from the Sody Pet Lair is being forwarded to work. But if someone from my past wanted to call me out of the blue? Not gonna happen. But that's why I bought this silly little, isn't it? You can never lose me, no matter how hard you try. Well, I guess if you move to Texas and joined the Army, then you could probably lose me. Whatever. But those of you who love me ... you know where I am. Even if I'm not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

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