Help a brotha out. MY brotha ...

Hi everyone, I'm on another crusade! My brother Daniel and his company Art Barn need our help!

Cyril, Chazz and Drexel in "War of the Worlds."

An internet cartoon that Art Barn has created, written, directed and animated for RKO Pictures called "Alien Abductee Theater" has been chosen as a finalist in the Flash Forward 2001 Flash Film Festival. (Flash in this case being the internet player by the Shockwave company, not the showing of one's bosoms.)

Being chosen as a finalist is quite an honor - out of 1500 nominees their episode "War of the Worlds" has been picked as one of the five finalists for Best Cartoon. There are also eleven other categories in the festival, with winners selected by professionals in the industry.

Maynard shows his bottom in "War of the Worlds."

But, and this is where WE come in, all sixty finalists (five finalists in twelve categories equals sixty finalists) are nominated for the People's Choice Award, which is chosen by the public vote on the Flash Forward 2001 website.

So, if you'd like to help them out, visit the Flash Forward 2001 website at and click to vote for the People's Choice Award. Then select "War of the Worlds" from the list under Cartoons. That's all. That and do it before July 4th. Please only vote once per computer, that's all that they allow.

The Zorbanians got shafted and were not included in
"War of the Worlds."

But, if you feel extra-energetic, tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your colleagues and golf buddies. Tell everyone you know. This could very well be the moment for which my brother and his co-founders of Art Barn been waiting and working for the last two years.

The awards ceremony is July 11th in NYC, and the list of winners will be placed on the website shortly thereafter. Of course, if he wins, I'll let everyone of you know.

Lastly, if you want to see the other episodes of "Alien Abductee Theater", visit the RKO Pictures website at For more about Art Barn, visit or write to

Thanks so much!

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