What's The Deal With Alien Abductee Theater?!?

So a couple of you have written to me asking if Alien Abductee Theater won the Flash Forward 2001 Flash Film Festival. A couple of you wrote to me asking what the hell Alien Abductte Theater was. And one of you wrote to me asking who the hell I was. (Sorry Mom.) So I thought today I'd clear this whole thing up for you.

Alien Abductee Theater is a web cartoon series created, written and animated by my brother and his company, Art Barn for RKO Pictures. Yes, the fine folks who brought us Citizen Kane (1941), It's A Wonderful Life (1946) and Hips, Hips, Hooray! (1934). Well, they're still around, and looking to get into the web cartoon biz.

Last year Daniel and the gang created three cartoons, all based on famous literature. Yes that sounds boring, but it's not you see, because the literature is adapted by these five humans who were abducted by aliens. They're the entertainment on the aliens' cruise ship. And if the aliens don't find them funny enough, then they're dinner, too. It's funny, trust me.

Anyway, one of the cartoons, based on "War of the Worlds", was nominated for Best Cartoon at the Flash Forwards 2001 Flash Film Festival. Plus it was also nominated for a People's Choice Award. I asked all of my close personal friends, and a few other people I knew, to vote for it for the People's Choice Award.

Daniel and the gang went down to NYC for the awards banquet a few weeks ago. After the awards they were going upstate to be in a wedding (Dan, Jack and Andy were all ushers. Fancy!) I didn't hear from them for a few days then, and once I heard that they had won, well, it totally slipped my mind to let the world know. So they won. But they won for Best Cartoon, and not the People's Choice Award. So all of your efforts were for naught. Well, no, hopefully you enjoyed the cartoon and really thought that it was the best of the bunch.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the other films in the series, visit the RKO Pictures site at: www.rko.com/aat and enjoy!

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