04/30/04 - Frienster Envy.

Have you heard of Friendster.com? It's one of those online communities where you put in your name and information, and then link with your friends. My old roommate and some of our friends got started on it last year about this time. I didn't really think much about it, until it recently hit the rest of the country.

I have 10 registered friends. I just checked out my friend Mike and he has something like seventy friends.

All of a sudden I have immense Frienster-envy.

So if you're my friend, and you're on Friendster, find me and link-up. And if you're not on Friendster, join! It's free.

And if you're not my friend, what the hell are you doing here?!?

04/30/04 - My 'Friends' Need to be Punished.

Last night's episode of Friends, the second-to-last ever, was horrid. Absolutely the worst episode of tv I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a few bad shows. Suddenly Susan. Empty Nest. Will & Grace.

I haven't really watched 'Friends' much since Monica castrated Chandler. What was that, two or three years ago? Since then Rachel had a baby apparently, although I'm not sure who was watching said baby tonight because it was never on the show, and all six of the "friends" were around the whole 22 minutes. Oh, and they got the chick from the Scary Movie movies as a guest star, too. Argh. I hate her. She's going to have Monica and Chandler's baby since they can't have their own (see above castration).

But the really odd thing was, all of them look so old. Is Courney Cox pregnant? Is Matthew Perry pregnant? They're both so puffy. Well, Perry has been puffier, but still, they're all so wrinkled and old. I half expected Bea Arthur to show up as Ross' love-interest.

I should comment that Jennifer Aniston is still freakin' hotter than hell. Even if she's nearing 40 she's still head-and-shoulders hotter than anyone else out there.

She can be my friend any day.

04/29/04 - Die Hard in a Mall.

So I just saw online that Terrorists were going to attack a mall in Los Angeles?!? Seriously?

From the sounds of it, it was probably the Century City mall (the report didn't actually name the mall). Does the Century City mall really rank with the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon?

This is just too weird.

04/28/04 - Hot Hot Heat.

Yesterday it broke 100 degrees in Burbank.

04/27/04 - Maine is the 12th most livable state.

So I just saw this new study online today, and apparently New Hampshire is the US's Most Livable State. Vermont is 3rd, Connecticut is 9th, Maine is 12th, Massachusetts is 16th. Rhode Island is far down the list. But that ain't bad for ol' New England, eh?

California, on the other hand, is 36th.

I guess they rank the states by 44 factors, including Per Capita Gross State Product, Median Household Income, Public High School Graduation Rate, Normal Daily Mean Temperature, Percent of Days That Are Sunny, Crime Rate, Unemployment Rate, Teenage Birth Rate, Population by Square Mile, etc. It's all very interesting.

Also in another study Bangor, Maine, is safest overall metro area. Los Angeles / Long Beach? The 13th most dangerous.

Hmmm ...

04/26/04 - Melting in LA.

I'm safe and sound back in Los Angeles, but it's just too damn hot to write a full update. Today it was 97 in Burbank!! It's still April, dammit!

04/24/04 - More Photos!

Two more quickie pages of photos. We just got back to Cocoa Beach, I have lots more to write, but it'll be after I sleep, and probably after I get back to Los Angeles ...

Hope you like 'em!

04/21/04 - Photos phrom Phlorida!

So I've uploaded some quickie pages of photos from our first two days of doing stuff here on vacation in Florida.

When I get back to LA and get all of my real film developed, and have more time, I'll flesh these out for reals. But for now, enjoy!

04/20/04 - Chiropractors - quacks or not?

So I finally got my back tweaked professionally by a chiropractor here in Cocoa Beach. Actually it was my hips that he tweaked. Adjusted. Whatever.

I think it helped, although after 3 hours it seemed to be wearing off. I'm going back on Wednesday for a tune-up. Hopefully that one will stick ...

04/19/04 - I am a computer-super-genius!! (no sarcasm needed!)

I finally got the cell phone and iBook to start talking to each other again. I have no idea what I did differently this time, but it worked! I'm so smart!

Now if only I could fix my own back I'd be all set ...

04/18/04 - Computers are Fun. (to be said very sarcastically)

A few weeks ago I set up my iBook so I could get on the internet with my cell phone. It worked perfectly.

And now it doesn't. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have no idea what is different. It's as frustrating as hell, I know that it used to work, and now it doesn't. It's like the computer is mocking me. ARGH!

04/17/04 - Sing, Sing a Song ...

Greetings from 33,000 feet!! Yup, I'm flying the friendly skies right now on Delta's new Song airline. And so far this has been pretty cool.

Song does the whole "board by zones" that has become so popular recently. I guess Southwest started that. Luckily I had requested an aisle seat, in an exit row, no less. And that was before my back was all jacked. Then, on an entirely full flight, somehow the seat next to me is empty. But the best part? DISH Network in every seat. Yup, right now I'm watching the Celtics and Pacers game on ESPN. Oops, commercial. Let's flip to ESPNNews. Ooh, a piece about Mark Prior of the Cubs. Talking about the curse of the Cubs. Whatever, we have a REAL curse in Boston, yo. Oh, is the WNBA draft going on today? Hmm. What's on ESPN2? Eh. Tennis. Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network! Yay!

Well, maybe not. I don't think I really want to watch that in public. Naa. I'll skip the Food Network, too. Travel Channel has a thing about the Disney Cruise line. Eh. Still kind of lame. Can't watch BET, 'cause I'm so dang white. Yes, I said "dang" white. Back to ESPN. Yeah. manly. Roar.

This is going to be a really cool four hours. I like flying when it's fun. (And I'm hepped up on Vicodin.)

04/17/04 - Go Sox!!

Well how about that?! Did you all see the Red Sox / Yankees game last night on Fox? It was awesome! Six months to the day from the ALCS Game 7 when New York beat Boston in extra innings, Fox was playing up the rivalry as only Fox can. They had more obnoxious graphics of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams and Nomar and Pedro and Jeter - it's all for ratings, I know, but it gets to be a little much.

It actually started much earlier than 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST. All day long on TV (I was home sick again) the talk was about A Rod, how he almost signed with Boston, and then at the last minute went to the Yankees. Or the rivalry. Or the number of World Series rings each team has. Seriously, it was on the air almost as much as The Apprentice was on Thursday!! For a minute it looked like the hype was going to overshadow the actual game.

And then the game started.

That first inning was awesome. But, as I've learned in my almost three decades of being a Boston fan, it ain't over until it's over. Thankfully they were able to hold onto their lead, and in the end, they won.

True, it's only a regular season game, one out of nineteen times the two teams will meet. But still it was cool it was a nationally broadcast game. It's good for any sport, baseball especially, when the game lives up to the hype. And boy, that game did.

04/16/04 - Kwame!!

I was so right. From the first time I saw "The Apprentice" I knew that Bill was going to win. Sure, Amy had lots going for her, but you could tell Trump liked her ... liked her a lot. That's never a good thing, it's too easy to disappoint or screw up.

Sure, yesterday when I was at home all day with the bad-back I saw everyone from Headline News to ESPN's SportsCenter predicting the winner, I had a few doubts of my pick. Does Bill have what it takes? Would Trump et al. like Kwame's schooling better?

But in the end I was right. Never second-guess yourselves, kids. If you think you should cut the red wire, then don't ask your partner if you should cut the blue one, or call HQ to verify. That'll just take too much time. Just go ahead and cut the red wire. Fortune favors the red wire-cutter.

04/16/04 - My Latest Fortune.

So you've probably read my posting below about my four most recent fortune cookie fortunes. Here's a recap, just in case:

Pretty messed up, eh? Well, at least I think so. Thus I haven't had Chinese food in a few weeks. Until the other day.

I had lunch with one of my old bosses at work, and I got Panda Express. I was pretty freaked out about picking the right cookie out of the big bowl of cookies they have there for you. In fact, I think I threw the first one I picked back into the bowl and took the second.

This is what I got: "Personal achievement will be your key to happiness."

God damn it! FIVE IN A ROW ABOUT HAPPINESS. And you know how unhappy I am. This is messed up. What do I do now???

04/15/04 - Kobe!!

Man, did you watch the Laker game last night? Kobe had TWO three-pointers on the buzzer (one to end regulation time, one in the second overtime to win it). I don't know if they'll win it all this year, but last night was one hell of a game.

I love this time of year, when the baseball has just started and basketball is going into the post-season. You can flip between the Lakers and the Dodgers - sometimes you can flip between those two and the Angels. It's awesome.

04/15/04 - Bad Back Beyond Thunderdome

So I've been having these back problems for the past two weeks. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, mostly because everyone, and I do mean everyone, at work was in shock when they saw me. Guess I was a little crooked.

The doctor I saw was a different doctor than my regular one, but that was okay, as she was and older lady and I only trust older doctors. Who wants some young whippersnapper doctor tellin' them what to do?? So at first she asked me a few questions, then she lifted up my shirt to look at my back. That surprised her. "Severe muscle spasms". "Severe". She said it was the worst she had ever seen.

And you know what? That made me feel good. Seriously. I hate going to the doctor and they say, "you came in for that? take an advil and you'll be fine." This doctor instantly grabbed the prescription pad and wrote out a slip for Vicodin. And Motrin. Two presriptions. And then she told me to stay off of my feet for a few days. Work is out of the option.

So at least I'm not crazy. And I feel pretty rugged for sucking up the pain for such a long time. Damn, I'm a real man!

Well, if you count lying on my futon with a heating pad on my back, washing down the Vicodin with a Diet Mt Dew while watching SportsCenter manly ...

04/14/04 - It's a Google World.

I just found this creepy weblog that makes it sound like Google is going to take over the world. Damn. I was betting on Disney.

04/12/04 - Jay-Z and Weezer.

I'm sure you've heard of this guy DJ Danger Mouse who remixed Jay-Z's The Black Album with the Beatles' The White Album to make "The Grey Album". It's genius. I've listened to it nonstop on the ol' iTunes since I found it online. And I'm not normally a big Jay-Z fan. But it works really well together.

And then I just found this: Jay-Zeezer. Yup. Jay-Z mixed with Weezer's The Blue Album.

How cool is that?!?

While not all of the songs work perfectly (why speed up "99 Problems"?!?) you have to listen to "December 4" by way of "Say It Ain't So".

And thus is born a whole new internet genre, remixing Jay-Z.

04/11/04 - Covering my Bases.

So this weekend I think I was pretty smart. Saturday went to my friends' Passover seder, did all of the chanting and reciting and whatnot. Ate the bitter herbs and the parsley and drank a little Manischewitz.

Then today I went over to my cousin's apartment and had the whole Easter ham. Skipped out on church, though, I got up too late.

The sad part is, I never really had a chocolate (or, in my case, white chocolate) bunny this year. I was too busy being religious!!

04/08/04 - Fun with South Park!

Found the best waste of time today on the web. Create Your Own South Park Character!!

It's awesome, look what I made! A South Park Josh:

04/08/04 - Double Dare me?

So yesterday I was at the House of Secrets comic book store here in Burbank and Ipicked up a "Save Disney" bumper-sticker from Roy E. Disney's www.savedisney.com website.

Who dares me to put it on my car???

04/07/04 - Wow, I'm old.

So I turned 28 a week ago yesterday. I was feeling old anyway, since 28 is clearly not "mid-twenties" but "late-twenties". Then on Friday I hurt my back. Sleeping. Yep. I felt old.

And then I saw this: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain were all 27 when they died.

Look what they accomplished in their 27 years on earth, and then look what I have. Hmm.

So I've now outlived four rock legends. I am old.

04/05/04 - Courtney so did it.

Can you believe that it was 10 years ago today that Kurt Cobain "committed suicide"?

04/04/04 - Spring Ahead.

Man, everytime we spring ahead or fall back I feel like I lose more than an hour, I feel like I lose a day. Today flew right by. I got next-to-nothing accomplished, at all. If my roommate hadn't dragged me to the grocery store I wouldn't have done anything! All of a sudden it was 5 pm and the Red Sox game was on. Now it's 11 pm and adult swim is on Cartoon Network. Pretty soon it'll be tomorrow and time to go to work.


04/03/04 - Fortunes.

The other week I went out for Chinese food for a friend's birthday. It was a fun night, but this was my fortune: "Your kindness will lead you to happiness."

Not bad, right?

No. But then look at my last three fortunes. All from different restaurants, all of the course of a month.

Seriously. My last FOUR FORTUNES have had to do with my happiness. And you all know how unhappy I have been lately. That's weird. So weird that I haven't had Chinese food since then. If I get five in a row I'm going to go nuts. And we don't want that, now, do we?

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