07/27/05 - Me and DMB

Goin' out of town for about a week, goin' down to the big city for a show.

Verizon is a major sponsor of this two-day Dave Matthews Band concert on Saturday and Sunday on Randall's Island, and since my company is Verizon's event marketer we're putting up a bunch of displays and staffing them and stuff. So I'm going to help set up and run around and all. It should be fun, and hey, free concert. Mike Doughty is going to be there, so I'm psyched.

Anyway, no blogging for a week - see you on Monday!

07/26/05 - Personalized Plates

This morning I saw a personalized license plate that read : H82BYOU.

I thought that was a kind of shitty way to start the day, you know?

On the topic of personalized plates, I was always surprised how few people in Southern California had them. You know, you just figure that if any one group of people in the world would have more of the so-called "vanity" plates it would be folk in LA.

But really there were few. My cornball twin friends had them, well, until one of them got married, and my former boss also had one (again, until she got married). Oh, and there was one that always baffled me! I forgot about this - I always meant to blog about it back in 2001.

I was working at Disney TV Animation, so I worked in the Frank Wells Building on the Disney Studio lot, and parked in the same garage as the executives such as Eisner and all. In that lot there was this one car that had a very confusing plate to me : NO1NOS.

I always figured it meant "Number One Nose" - which would be fine for a rhinoplaster (rhinoplastionier?) - but a Disney exec?

Then one day I drove in and saw the car and thought, "No One Knows". Duh.

07/23/05 - Urban gets in trouble

I figure I should point out this story since I talked about that same exact shirt last week:

07/22/05 - Birthday!

It was my brother's twenty-eigtht birthday yesterday and I didn't even write anything up here.

I'm a bad brother. Bad.

07/18/05 - Golden Years.

Wow, that shows you just how far I've come in the last year. I totally forgot what July 17th was - Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. Oops.

Happy Birthday, yo.

07/17/05 - Define 'Vintage'.

Got my ol' Urban Outfitters catalog in the mail yesterday. I love the Urban. Used to go all of the time in Boston, right on the corner of Mass Ave and Newbury. Then in Burbank there was one about two seconds from my house, near the sketchy-ass Burbank Mall.

As you can imagine we are severely lacking in the Urban Outfitters in Maine, although I feel that one might fit in well in Portland. It has the right vibe, but I don't think we have the required amount of sarcastic hipsters to float an entire store.

Anyway, flipping through the catalog I ran across the vintage tee shirts. I love the shirts that say shit like, "Everything you like I liked five years ago" and "Department of Redundancy Department" and "New Mexico: Cleaner than Regular Mexico".

But then I saw this:

What?!? A vintage tee shirt for Yo MTV Raps?!? Vintage?????

Lord, I feel old.

07/16/05 - Overheard at the gym.

At the gym the other day I heard this great conversation between two meatheads.

I almost lost my shit. "Up until the stroke." Jesus!

07/07/05 - Year One.

I've been home for a whole year now. Can you believe that? One whole year. On the one hand it seems like I only just got home, but then on the other my living in California does seem like a lifetime ago ...

Someone recently asked me about my blog here, why I didn't do a goofy year in review back in January. Quite frankly I didn't do it because 2004 is going to go down in history as my worst year ever. I've never been through as much emotional or physical pain as that. What's worse I feel like I've relived all of those feelings to the point of exhaustion. I mean, for four months I hobbled around, my right leg entirely numb from ass-cheek to toes. And the four months I was laid up (I ruptured a disc in my back, sans surgery, for those of you coming in half-way to my rant) for the four months I didn't do any physical activity. In fact, my right leg still hasn't entirely healed, it's significantly weaker than my left.

And let's not even get into the emotional shit. Broken and damaged. That's that.

So that's why I didn't review 2004. I've done it to death. I lived feelings that I hope never to feel again. 2004 is played out. On with 2005 and the future.

07/06/05 - "Who am I? What am I doing here?!"

Did you see that Vice Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot's 1992 presidential running mate, died the other day?

He was the one that Phil Hartman played on SNL a few times, once when Perot was trying to lose him in a rural area. Awesome skit. His famous lines were, "Who am I? What am I doing here?" and "GRIDLOCK!!!"

07/03/05 - Holy Alba!

Holy cow. I just saw the trailer for Into the Blue.

Set in the deep, shark-infested waters of the Bahamas, four young divers discover a legendary shipwreck rumored to ... aw, who cares. Jessica Alba in a bikini. That's all you need to know.

Damn, she's retardedly hot.

07/01/05 - Happy Canada Day!

A very happy Canada Day to you!

And if you're one of the lucky few who expect a mix CD from me, well, I'm a bit behind. But I have finalized the track listing, trust me there.

Here, why don't you take a peek:

It was a tough one to pick this year, I missed NIN and Foo Fighters and Eels and Social D and Rachael Yamagata and Z-Trip and the Offspring and Moby and more. But overall I think it flows nicely. You might just see for yourself, if you're one of the lucky few ...

Until then, sit back with a Molson and have a great day, eh?

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