08/27/05 - New funky Laptop Bag

I got the coolest bag for my iBook this week. The McBain's Lovechild 12 from Crumpler. It's made from Chickentex® hyper Performance Accessory Fabric. I think it might just be nylon, though. Super-padded, either way. Super-funky. Makes me want to not use complete sentences.

08/26/05 - Toys

I got the sweetest toy at Toys R Us the other night: Star Wars Galactic Heroes 2-Pack Figures: Mace Windu & Kit Fisto.

08/16/05 - Nova Scotia

The photos from our trip are finally up over on the Photos By Josh pages. Check them out.

08/16/05 - Nova Scotia

So I'm back from my romantical adventure in Canada. Had a blast. Still organizing photos and stories, so for now I'll show you a lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, NS. More to come!

08/11/05 - Starman

As you know, I have a rather lengthy trek to work every day. This summer with all of the road construction on Rt 302 it's taking over an hour to get to Portland. Heck, with all of the traffic in Portland it takes a good twenty minutes to get from Outer Forest Ave to Downtown.

Yesterday, though, the entire trip was worth it. I saw "Starman" for the first time in a few weeks. Maybe a month.

Starman is this retarded pedestrian that I used to see walking down Forest Ave almost every day. I'm not sure why I even call him Starman, somehow, in my head, the name just stuck. But this spring and summer I would see him four out of five days of the week. If I was running late he'd be all of the way down by Cumberland Farms. If I was earlier, he'd be up by the Chinese takeout place, across from the carwash.

Anyway, Starman looks alot like Toby from "The West Wing" - Richard Schiff. But he marches along fairly laboriously, lifting his knees rather high, like he's in a marching band. And his head is swinging side to side, much like Ray Charles. The best part is, day in, day out, he has a little bag lunch and a yellow rain jacket. No matter what the weather, he's ready for it.

I hope you don't think I'm mocking this man by calling him a name or talking about him in a rather blunt manner ... I'm not. In fact, I really respect him. I don't know where he's walking to, what with his bag lunch and jacket it looks like he's heading out for the day. The Morrill's Corner McDonalds is up the street, maybe he works there? But why would he bring his lunch? Maybe he's not down with the fast food? But wouldn't he be wearing his McDonalds outfit instead of the button up short sleeve shirts he wears?

And where is he coming from every day? There has to be some kind of a half-way house or some such, he doesn't look like he'd quite live on his own. But someone must trust him to walk quite a distance every morning, or, at least, four mornings out of five ...

I doubt I'll ever answer these questions, Portland is small, yes, but I don't think that small. Still, someday I'd love to meet him ...

08/09/05 - Ten Years

Can you believe that it's been a decade since Jerry Garcia died?

08/07/05 - The Standing Army

So I read this article in the New York Times about two weeks ago. I don't think I even forwarded it to my friends, like I do so many articles. But I've been thinking about it quite a bit since then. Check it out:

08/06/05 - Whaaaaa?

Saturday Night Live's Maya Rudolph is pregnant? With Paul Thomas Anderson's baby?

Awwwwwww! I love her and I hate him, that's so not fair ...

08/06/05 - I need this ...

Have you seen the new mouse from Apple, the Mighty Mouse?

Unfortunately I don't think it'll work with my G3 iBook running Panther, I think you need Tiger ... which needs a G4. Damn.

Still, it looks pretty rad ...

08/05/05 - Not Necessary

This morning on my way into work I saw a brand new Hummer H3. Talk about not necessary. It looks as if a Hummer was humped by a Jeep Liberty, and the Liberty won.

Seriously, my mom's TrailBlazer would kick this thing's ass.

08/05/05 - Twelve Days

Today is my twelfth day working in a row. Holy God, am I tired. Need sleepy ...

08/02/05 - In the News

So lots happened this week:

08/02/05 - I never stopped working for them ...

So I am back from my weekend in Queens. Did the big show with the kids and the sun and the dust and dirt. It was fun, a little long, but hey, give the kids their money's worth, you know?

Got to see the soundchecks and a bunch of the real bands. Mike Doughty's Band rocked. Seriously crazy rocked. Played "Paradise City" into "The Gambler". Who else can do that?

Plus he was sportin' the Adidas.

As was Jem, who was so cute and so funny and also so good. Quite a performer - playing in the dead of the afternoon to a semi-drunk crowd and really getting people going. And so cute, too. And she had the Adidas ... what more could you want?

Oh, yeah, she also wrote a song based on the show 24. Awesome.

Unrelated to the show, had some crazy dinners - Capital Grill in NYC and Rancho Jubille in Queens. Aw yeah, Rancho Jubille.

So now I'm back and tired and have to sleep. More later.

08/01/05 - King of Queens

I'm back from my jaunt to NYC for the Island Getaway.

Really tired tonight, will share some photos and that's about it:

More tomorrow.

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