05/31/06 - It's so difficult to find a good helicopter in Des Moines at 2 am!!

God, I hate Ashton Kutcher!

05/31/06 - Alex Toth died!

Holy shit! I just saw that Alex Toth died last Saturday!

Toth is best known for designing characters for Hanna Barbara cartoons, such as Space Ghost, Birdman, Johnny Quest, the Super Friends, etc.

05/31/06 - who needs clemens, we have ... pauley??

So let me get this straight:

1. Roger Clemens announces today that he's going to come out of retirement to pitch for Houston and not Boston.

2. Fat bastard David Wells is on the disabled list again after one outing.

3. So tonight we're starting a pitcher from the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs? Against Toronto, who wailed on former World Series MVP Josh Beckett last night for seven runs?


05/29/06 - My review of X3: Or "Why Brett Ratner should go BACK to hitting on Lindsey Lohan and STOP directing"

Okay, okay, maybe it's unfair to blame Ratner. The directing of "X3" was adequate. The script, however, was the problem. The blind, dumb and deaf monkeys who wrote it were obviously not comic book fans, nor have they ever seen a comic book.

It really was the screenwriting equivalent of a nippled-batsuit, horrible in concept, on the page, and in execution.

The whole movie was rushed, too. For a movie with such little plot, they really didn't spend much time lingering on anything. In reality they introduced only two new good guys, and neither of them had a whole lot going on. What's the damn hurry, I say?

I should state now that if you haven't seen "X3" yet you might not want to read on, as I'll probably mention some horribly contrived plot points that you don't want to know. Plus, I'm a comic book geek. So some of these points might be nitpicky. But, on the other hand, Brett Ratner just ruined the X-Men like Schumacher ruined Batman, so I have a valid argument.

These are just snippets of what I laughed, sighed or cringed at during the film, in no particular order:

Alcatraz - what? Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? This is just asinine. Alcatraz is owned by the United States Government. It's part of the National Park Service. And last I heard, no matter what fiscal shape George W. Bush has gotten the country into, we're not selling off national landmarks yet. To put Worthington Labs on Alcatraz was contrived, stupid, dumb, lame and altogether uncalled for. It just goes to show how little thought really went into the writing of this script. What's next? Having the Hellfire Club's office on the top of Washington Monument? The Starjammers's ship being attached to Half Dome in Yosemite? The Brood Empire hanging out at Gettysburg? Mr. Sinister's base being Franklin D Roosevelt's Birthplace in Hyde Park, NY?

Kitty Pryde missing snow - again, what? I can appreciate this as the one attempt at a character moment in this film, but seriously, what?? "I miss the first snow." Um, last I heard Westchester County in New York actually gets snow. Have the writers of this film ever even left Southern California??

Phoenix - I hesitate to call this the Dark Phoenix movie because we never see Jean Grey go Phoenix. Comic booky, huge fucking fire-psyonic blasting Phoenix. She never does. She lifts a house up, but shit, at age eight she lifted every car on the block. I want big. Maybe not "killing an entire solar system" big, but at least "flying into the air and wrecking the shitty housing development she grew up in" big.

Only having six "X-Men" in the final battle, including a damn-near pre-teen Kitty Pryde - Huh? The mansion is crawling with people. Wall-to-damn-wall mutants. Where did Nightcrawler go? Banshee, wasn't he around? Is Thunderbird drunk again? Seriously, all they can muster is Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Colossus, Kitty, and Bobby? Against eighteen hundred Evil Mutants? Where's Havok? Psylocke? Crap, even Dazzler would be a fair seventh member!

The whole Phoenix thing - Could the audience have been any less emotionally invested in this story? I mean, we barely have a minute to mourn Jean Grey, and then she's back, and then Scott's dead, but nobody seems to notice until, like, the end of the movie, and then zombie Jean Grey is at the mansion, then she's a bad guy, and damn did she have the fewest lines of any character since Harpo Marx ... it's just too much going on for us to even get into the emotions of Jean Grey being reborn. Say what you will about Madelyne Pryor, but sometimes a clone can be a good thing. Think about that - a movie that introduces Madelyne Pryor, Margneto escapes, Scott falls in love, some other Magneto bullshit, then Scott and Madelyne have a baby, and then Magneto is defeated, and then WHAM - Jean Grey returns as Phoenix and ... cliffhanger ending! Much more interesting, and you open yourself up to including Cable in a future film, as opposed to now having killed off BOTH characters needed to make Cable happen. Idiots.

CGI Young Charles and Magneto - Dude, that was the scariest part of the movie. Captain Picard was so smooth, and Gandalf without a waddle ... I totally missed whatever plot points were going on there.

Danger Room - Yeah, they had me going there thinking it was going to be a "Days of Future Past" thing. But it's a little lame seeing the first Sentinel in the movies ever as a Danger Room simulation.

Killing the three main characters - I really hope someone has a plan here. But I bet they don't. With all of the years of X-Men books out there, you could have a few good movies, it'd be nice if they could plan them better. Introduce Nathan Summers in one movie, then have Cable show up at the end. Introduce the Hellfire Club, then have them be the main bad guys next time. Seriously, they have to make sure continuity is better in these films. The audience is used to watching "Lost" and "24" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" which had such fanboy continutity - and then we get cobbled together multi-million dollar movies? Shit. It's such a waste.

The President of the United States - What was he, one hundred and thirty years old?

Trask - It was good to see Bill Duke.

Shohreh Aghdashloo - It was fun to see her not yelling at Behrooz.

Kelsey Grammer - The one good addition. At first I was really opposed to his playing Hank McCoy (nevermind the fact that McCoy was played by a different actor in "X2"). But he wasn't too Fraiser-esque here.

Olivia Williams - Moira MacTaggart. Okay, she was a good addition, too. But do they have plans for her? Do they have plans for the post-credits little bit? I don't think I trust the filmmakers enough. I mean, shit, look at what Bryan Singer set up at the end of "X2". If there was EVER an ending that underhand pitched a perfect setup for the next film, it was the ending of "X2". And just LOOK how horribly it was botched! I mean, if Ratner stays on board to ruin "X4", I wouldn't be surprised to see the fucking Starjammers show up in 1970s disco outfits. Seriously, I think that's how far removed from reality Ratner, Laura Donner, Avi Arad and the gang are. It's like nipples on the batsuit. Someone somewhere must have thought it was a good idea.

Xavier is a tool - Boy, Xavier really didn't come off as all "good guy" in this movie. It's like the screenwriters didn't know anything about him. Really Magneto was much more a sympathetic character. That's an odd choice.

Kitty Phasing - When Kitty Pryde phases through an object with or without someone else, she can't stop halfway and reconstitute, or she and the person she's carrying would become physically intertwined with the object she was phasing through. So why the hell did Juggernaut not become one with the floor when she phased him halfway through it?

Argh. See, now I'm all worked up. What a pile of crap. Thanks Brett, thanks a lot.

The one hope I have is that some day in twenty years some good director will pull a Bryan Singer and make a sequel to X2, kinda like whatever Singer is doing now with "Superman Returns". The only hope.

05/29/06 - No more T Tokens in Boston

This is sad. The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) is converting to automated fare collection by the end of the year.

That means no more T Tokens!

So next year you'll need a "CharlieTicket" to ride, after they get rid of tokens. Basically it's like an E-ZPass with stored value on the card, in the magnetic strip.

They say the CharlieTicket is an outgrowth of our cashless society, and that it's easier than tokens. But you know what I think it is? In 1998 when I finished school, a fare was 85 cents. Now it's a buck twenty-five to ride. And they're proposing a hike to $1.70 a ride.

That's why they want stored value cards. It saves you from thinking of each ride being $1.70! Because if you had to pay the ticket window person $1.70 each time, you'd be pissed off!

You realize that's doubling the fare in eight years. The only other ticket price hike that extreme? Disneyland under Michael Eisner!! In 1982 a one day ticket to Disneyland was $12, in 1990 it was up to $25.50.

I know they have to make improvements on the T (I really do, one of my brother's friends from college who is an engineer for the T is up visiting this Memorial Day Weekend). And I know gas prices have more than doubled in the last eight years (Zeig heil to the President Gasman!) But still, $1.70 to ride from Kenmore to Government Center? Stupid.

05/28/06 - Curt Schilling's 200th win - and I was there!

Last night Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling earned his 200th career win, and I was at the game!

Other highlights: JT Snow played first, and Kevin Youkilis played left field for Manny. Youk had never played outfield in the major leagues, and it kind of showed. Willy Harris played center, Wily Mo Pena is out with a sore wrist. Coco Crisp is alllllmost ready to come back, I guess he had a good game with the PawSox on Saturday. He should be back on Monday.

Tampa thirdbaseman Aubrey Huff was ejected for arguing a close call at first base. There were a couple of close pitches, but no real fights. I bet today is the day for a fight.

Either way, it was an amazing game. God, I love Fenway Park. It fits perfectly into Boston, too, you know? Historic, a little patched-together, but full of character.

Here are some photos:

05/25/06 - Pixar does The Mouse

Bonjour! It's actually, how you say, "Pixar does A Mouse." The trailer for the post-Cars Ratatouille is up, en francais.

Don't worry what the mouse character is saying. It's just some clever, cute Pixar dialogue. Enjoy the animation.

05/25/06 - Theo is engaged!

Today the sports page reports that Theo Epstein, the General Manager of the Red Sox, is engaged.

And I report that lots of women in New England are sad.

Me personally? I think he looks a bit like a Muppet ...

Is it the eyebrows? The ears? The chin?

I don't know, but something about him is just too Muppetish.

05/25/06 - Canon might stop making film cameras

Holy cow! This is horrible!

05/25/06 - 36.99




Yep. I filled up das Jetta this morning after 440 miles. Isn't that insane? Forget hybrids, forget biodisel. All you need is a Jetta and 55 mph in the early-ass morning and late at night between Bridgton and Portland.

Just a hair shy of 37 mpg. 0.007519 miles shy, to be exact. That's only 39 feet!!

Love it.

05/24/06 - Holy Shit, Marissa Cooper Stole my Ex-Girlfriend's Dog!

Okay, not really, but I saw this photo of Mischa Barton today, and the little Pomeranian looks like one I used to know in California.

Here's Otis, my ex-girlfriend's dog.

He was cute, I mean, as "cute" as dogs can be. Dogs aren't meant to be puntable. But he was a cute little Ewok bastard. For the month that she had him. Ironically she gave him away to a Pomeranian shelter ... in Orange County.

And I know what you're going to say, talking about my ex's dog. You're going to bring up The Big Lebowski, aren't you?

Isn't it weird that the dog in the Big Lebowski isn't actually a Pomeranian?!

Anyway, Otis had his papers, too. He was worth ... well, he was worth more than I make in a week.

Cute little Ewok bastard.

05/23/06 - Los Angeles Clippers

So much to write about with the 24 season finale last night, and the Sox whupping the Yankees ... but first I have to say, "Good job Clippers". So close. Closer than the Lakers, really.

Better luck next year ...

05/21/06 - NOFX

You have to download the EP "Never Trust a Hippy" from NOFX. I'm a casual fan of theirs, I think I own two or three of their albums, and I saw them a few times when I lived in Los Angeles. But this EP is great.

NOFX has been around forever (they are "the punk Rolling Stones") and written lots of great jokey two minute punk songs. Nothing wrong with that. But this disc (I hesitate to call it a 'disc' since it's technically a download from iTunes, but those are just semantics) - this disc has jokey two minute punk songs that actually mean something.

The song aptly titled "I'm Going To Hell For This One" is about Jesus, but not in that fun Christian idoltry way. He's more of a real dude, who's pissed that everyone's making money off of him. And he still likes wine, too.

But the best song of them is "You're Wrong". It's acoustic, which doesn't sound too punk, but it bounces back and forth between jokey and serious - I mean, rhyming "turning tricks" and "trickle down economics"? Awesome.

05/21/06 - Bush's Base feels betrayed, and they're not happy ...

It looks like things are unwinding even more for our President. "When conservatives are unhappy, bad things happen to the Republican Party ..."

Awesome. Check it out.

05/20/06 - Coolpix L1

I got a new camera and it arrived today! I'm so excited! It's the Nikon Coolpix L1.

It's kind of a waste, I know. My other camera works fine still, although it's a little sketchy focusing photos indoors, and it eats up four AA batteries at a pop, and it weighs three pounds.

So I figure while I still have a job I should splurge. It seems like there could be some big photo opportunities this spring / summer, and I'd hate to miss them because of my old camera.

I already ran outside this afternoon and took a few photos - here are the lilac trees out behind my brother's house. Not quite blooming, but close. Really close.

05/19/06 - SPM

Super Pursuit Mode (known as SPM for short), gave KITT the ability to travel at an insane speed of about 300MPH. To do this, KITT transformed by opening up air intake vents, popping out fins to aid manoeuvring, and of course, the rockets. The engaging procedure involved a variety of really cool sound effects, whereas the Emergency Braking System (EBS) was much simpler as it only involved three braking fins appearing (which actually looked like large panels), which brought the car to a sudden halt.

05/19/06 - Marissa Cooper dead? Hmmm ...

Call me cynical, but I really have to wonder if they killed Marissa Cooper last night on The OC. Now, granted, I haven't watched the show all year long. And in season two she was the most useless character - they tried to hook her up with the gardner, a chick, and booze ... but to no avail. She was still mopey and boring.

But kill her? Seems extreme. Almost ... stunt-ish. Ratings have been low lately, and next fall the show squares off with currently hot Grey's Anatomy, the hotly anticipated Aaron Sorkin Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and some show called CSI.

Could this be like "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" from the Simpsons ... and then everyone is all better next fall?

I really wonder how they're going to do this story-wise, though. Some shows have the first episode of the new season take place immediately following the last episode of last season - but not in The OC world. After the first season the whole summer passed and in late August the show returned right before the kids were going back to school.

But can they do that this year? It seems like they'd miss post-death drama that'd be good for a few episodes, at least. And revenge, too. I'm not sure who the bearded guy who ran Ryan and Marissa's car off the road was, but I'm pretty certain that Ryan would like a little revenge.

Ryan's revenge. It's always a good time.

05/18/06 - Maine Fun Fact: majority-minority

If current population trends remain the same, Maine is expected to be the last of the U.S. states to obtain majority-minority status, which it is expected to receive somewhere near the year 2146.

05/18/06 - Echo / Zoom

In the last two days I've heard two terms for generations that I'd never heard before.

Echo Boom - what I've always called "Generation Y". Born between 1982 and 1995, they're the plugged-in generation. The first generation to grow up with computers at home and online, the Echo Boomers are multi-taskers with cell phones, music downloads, and Instant Messaging.

When I lived in Southern California, they were the Orange County kids I'd see at all of the ska / punk shows. Little Abercrombies with spikey hair and blonde midriff-revealing girlie girls on their sides.

And they're spoiled - having a big impact on the economy, spending their parents money. Apparently economist say that they will be become the next dominant generation of Americans.

Luckily, they're exceedingly tolerant, and the most diverse generation ever with 35 percent who are non-white.

Zoomers - Post-World-War-II Baby Boomers who are retiring, but not in that "pants hiked up with black socks in Florida" way. Becoming more active as they approach retirement, they feel 12 years younger than they are, and act like it. "50 is the new 30," as they say. (And now "60 is the new 40," even).

And you'd better not call them "Seniors".

See, Zoomers feel they're being neglected by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. A big trend in the next few years will be more marketing towards what used to be called the "golden years" set.

Especially in the travel sector, as apparently they're spending their kids' inheritance while living life to the fullest. (Thanks mom and dad).

05/18/06 - Lunchtime Roundup: The other two networks chime in

Here comes The CW! Rising from the ashes of UPN and The WB, The CW is the new replacement network. Well, new being relative. It's really just a UPN/WB Greatest Hits.

WB's "Gilmore Girls," leads into UPN's fan favorite "Veronica Mars".

UPN's "America's Next Top Model" sharing its slot with WB's "Beauty and the Geek."

"Reba," "7th Heaven," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville," "Supernatural," "WWE SmackDown!" "Everybody Hates Chris," "All of Us," "Girlfriends" and "The Game" round out the recycling.

Hey, at least the logo's new:

There's not much new over at Fox, either.

Brad Garrett stars in "`Til Death," which I place squarely two weeks after the premiere episode.

Ming-Na (remember 'wen' she was Ming-Na Wen?) plays a missing person detective or something on some show you'll confuse with "Cold Case" and won't watch.

"At least we still have American Idol, fuckers!" Screamed Peter Liguori, network entertainment president. "Fuck all y'all other shows! Prepare to be CRUSHED by Simon and Randy and by an increasingly insane Paula Abdul!"

He also mentioned "24" will return in January and run uninterrupted.

And the ladies love the dude from "Prison Break" so thatÕs coming back, too.

"Bernie Mac," "Stacked," "That '70s Show" and "Malcolm in the Middle" are gone, soon to be joined by the comedy "Happy Hour," about a suddenly single youth in Chicago and "The Winner," a comedy with Rob Corddry of "The Daily Show" playing a man who is supposed to be funny, but the audience will bore of in two episodes. Maybe three if there's a hot guest star in episode 2.

05/17/06 - Jack Bauer hates the FISA Court

This week on '24' CTU totally broke the law! When Chloe tracked that arms dealer Victor Malina's phone calls, I donÕt remember her asking for a FISA Court warrant.

I imagine that Malina must have residential service with AT&T or Verizon (as Bell South doesn't operate in the San Fernando Valley). They're the three communications companies that forked over customer phone records to the government. Imagine if he only had Qwest! They didn't give their customer's records and then the American public would be screwed!

(Well, I guess more than they already are!)

Historically, phone companies have required law enforcement agencies to present a court order before they would even consider turning over a customer's calling data. But that was all the pre-2001 mindset. The pre-George W mindset.

It'd be fun to do a parody of '24' where the whole operation is shut down, Bauer and Chloe and Karen Hayes and everyone are all waiting for a FISA warrant as the clock ticks away.

05/16/06 - Lunchtime Roundup: Bye-bye Joey, bye-bye President MacKenzie Allen

Well, my mom's not going to be happy. ABC has officially impeached Geena Davis' President Allen, they've cancelled "Commander in Chief."

But the rest of America will be happy that NBC has put "Joey" (and us) out of two seasons of misery.

In fact, NBC Thursday just got a whole lot funnier - check out the best lineup since ... well, ever. (No filler such as "Caroline in the City," "Boston Common," "Suddenly Susan" or "Will & Grace" here!)

That's hot.

"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" is, if you haven't heard, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin's behind the scenes dramady at a late-night comedy show, starring Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Timothy Busfield, D.L. Hughley, Steven Weber and Amanda Peet. I haven't been this excited for a show since ... well, ever!!

Also hot? "Scrubs" received a full-season order, even though it's not on the schedule.

NBC has the most new shows, it seems, and they're all full of celebrities.

Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum, John Stamos, John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor, Paul Haggis and Andy Richter anchor new shows, such as:

"30 Rock" - SNL head writer Tina Fey plays the head writer of "a frenetic television variety show" with Alec Baldwin, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan. Yes, it sounds like the sitcom step-brother of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". No, it won't be as good - but Fey is funny, remember "Mean Girls" wasn't bad! (Is that the second time this week I've mentioned "Mean Girls"? Dang!)

"Raines" - a House-ian police detective drama starring Jeff Goldblum. I love describing a new show by making a popular show into an adjective. "West Wing-esque," "King of Queensian".

"20 Good Years" - John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor play friends who estimate they have two solid decades left to change their lives. I, however, give them two episodes. Tops. Old funny guys aren't as funny as young funny guys.

"Andy Barker, P.I." - Andy Richter's midseason replacement comedy about an accountant who turns gumshoe. I love Richter. Except from "Quintuplets" or whatever his show was this year.

"The Singles Table" - This fall's attempt to redo Friends, this half-hour comedy sees five "witty and single strangers" bond while consigned to the "singles table" at a wedding. John Cho (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) stars.

"ER" - no, it's not new (not since the early 1990s) but John Stamos joins the cast of the show that now has to share Thursday at 10 pm with Paul Haggis' "The Black Donnellys".

CBS has fewer holes in its lineup to plug with random celebrities, but boy, it's still trying hard. James Woods, Jeri Ryan, Skeet Ulrich, Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Joe Pantoliano are in these:

"Shark" - A legal drama starring James Woods and Jeri Ryan. You'll want to watch the first episode, as it will likely be the last.

"Jericho" - A postnuclear-disaster tale starring Skeet Ulrich. This actually interests me. That means it'll likely last two episodes. The show is set in Kansas after a nuclear strike has devastated Earth and one town might be the only survivors. And you know I love me some post-apocalyptic action.

"Smith" starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen as career criminals. Whatever.

"Waterfront" which stars Joe Pantoliano as the ethically challenged mayor of Providence, R.I. How much you want to bet Joey Pants gets his legs broken by Columbus Day?

"The King of Queens" - it's not new, it's ninth. The ninth season has been given a 13-episode midseason order to accommodate Kevin James' feature commitments. Which is, quite frankly, the funniest line I read today. Is James too busy with "Hitch 2" to star in 13 more episodes of this mind-numbing crap? Good Lord.

ABC drains the D-List dry with their batch of "celebrities" ... Ted Danson, Taye Diggs, Calista Flockhart, Anne Heche and David Arquette.

"Brothers & Sisters" - Stars Flockhart in a drama about a maladjusted family. Let me guess, Flockhart is the whiney and annoying sister?

"Help Me Help You" - Danson is a self-help guru going through a midlife crisis. If it's anything like "Becker" I'm going to shoot myself now. In fact, let me talk a bit about "Becker". For the longest time our local Fox station had "Becker" on at 10 pm - which is immediately after "24". So we get the clink-clink, clink-clink, clink-clink of "24" followed immediately by the slutty saxamaphone of "Becker". It's like the best and worst night at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. God damn "Becker".

"Men in Trees" - Heche is a relationship counselor who moves to Alaska. Jesus, if this is a "quirky dramady" Rob Morrow better sue somebody.

"Day Break" - Taye Diggs in a thriller that uses elements of the movie "Groundhog Day."

A thriller that uses themes from Bill Murray's magnum opus?!? What more can you say?

05/16/06 - A bag of smiles.

The funniest thing I saw on my 85 minute drive to work this morning (thanks rain!) was a dude hitchhiking in Windham. Now, in my almost two years of commuting to Portland, IÕve seen about three hitchhikers. ItÕs very rare. And when I do see them, theyÕre generally close to Portland. Windham is suburban edge of civilization in our area. You know, the closest McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Blockbuster to us. True, Bridgton now has a Hannaford, but Windham has a Hannaford across the street from a Shaws. Windham also has Quiznos, Applebees and a Tim Hortons. ItÕs not the big city, but itÕs getting there.

Anyway, the hitchhiker. First off, weÕre in week two of The Deluge Š this is seriously the eighth day of rain here. This morning was only sprinkles, but still, thatÕs got to suck to be standing in even a light rain.

But homeboy was smiling, which was good. Who wants to pick up a frowning hitchhiker at 7:15 in the morning? And he was holding, nay, he was clutching, a big plastic bag that was filled ... I canÕt even type this without laughing ... it was filled with something that looked ... like feces.

Sure, maybe it was no-bake chocolate cookies. Or perhaps crumbly brownies. But to me I saw a smiling dude in the rain holding a bag of shit.

ThatÕs pretty awesome.

05/16/06 - MacBook is here! MacBook is here!!

Apple's released info on the new MacBook 13 inch laptop. Look at it. So nice.

I want one!!!!

05/14/06 - Muppets galore!

I might have been playing cool around here, but I'm a total geek for Wikipedia. I love reading the most random articles. Like one night in March I couldn't sleep, so I spent an hour reading about the World Wrestling Entertainment. Seriously. And I don't even like wrestling. (Although I did go to college with Stephanie McMahon - but that's a different story for a different time.)

Anyway, yesterday I found the coolest page - The Muppet Wiki.

Just like Wikipedia, the Muppet Wiki has thousands of pages written and edited by anyone and everyone on the web. It's like a big Borg communal encyclopedia.

Take, for example, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - my favorite Muppets. Did you know the trumpet player, Lips, was invented in the last season of The Muppet Show? Or that he even had a name? Maybe you didn't know that Clifford, who hosted Muppets Tonight, was in the band for The Muppets at Walt Disney World?

See? You're learning stuff already.

One small problem, however, with being reader written and supported is the lack of general oversight. I was looking for info about the song the Electric Mayhem sings in The Muppets at Walt Disney World, and in one place it's referred to as "Rockin' All Around the World" and in another "Rock n' Rollin' Around the World".

But that was yesterday. Maybe if I check today it'll be updated.

Gotta love the wiki.

05/13/06 - So apparently everyone hates Lindsay Lohan?

Now, I'm not the President of the Lindsay Lohan Fan Club of America or anything, but I don't hate her. Honestly I don't think about her too much. But apparently the readers of Star Magazine are not fans.

See, Star Magazine has a poll where you can rate the most hated celebrity in Hollywood. And right now Lindsay Lohan is far and away the leader of the pack. Twice as many people hate her than hate the Britney Spears-knockin' up, cornrow-wearin', bad rappin' Kevin Federline!

Is this in reaction to her interview with Matt Lauer this week where she was spacy and sniffling and apparently wearing the same clothes as the day before? 'Cause yeah, that's weird, but not a hatable offense. I mean, at least Mean Girls was good. What has Paris Hilton done ... ever?

And, more importantly, why is Alec Baldwin on this list? Yeah, homeboy's a joke, a shell of her former self (Beetlejuice is a damn fine movie, yo!) But do we hate him? No!

05/12/06 - OJ Simpson has a candid-camera show?!?

Wow, I don't know what's more wrong about this article, the fact that OJ Simpson has a candid camera show, or the fact that he's making jokes about the Bronco thing.

05/09/06 - Jack Bauer on iTunes!!!!!!

Not that I'd ever miss an episode of 24 ... but as a backup plan this is sweet!

05/09/06 - Disney / McDonald's - round 2

Last night I wasn't even thinking straight when I complained only about the ugly-ass Blizzard Beach Walt Disney World McDonald's.

I forgot two of my biggest Disney / McDonald's pet peeves in California:

California Adventure's billboard:

And Disneyland Park's Conestoga Fries, hosted by McDonald's:

The parks will be so much nicer without these two eyesores ...

05/08/06 - Disney / McDonald's End Partnership

Good. Now can they please get rid of the ugliest McDonalds ever ... the one on Walt Disney World property over by Blizzard Beach?!??!

05/07/06 - Retro tee shirts from the year 2026.

I hate seeing things that I wish I had thought of first.

You know what I mean? Little jokes that are clever or funny, but not beyond how clever or funny you think you are yourself? But sometimes they're not actually as funny as you think you could have made them?

Well, cracked.com has something I wish I had thought of. Retro tee shirts from the year 2026.

They're funny, but sort of progressively less funny as the list goes on.

I think I could have done better with the topic, and certainly wish I had thought of it first ...

05/07/06 - Kobe

So no Clippers / Lakers playoff series after all, huh? Too bad, I was kind of hoping for the Clippers to cause some damage.

See, I'm trying to repent for hopping on the Lakers train for the six years I lived in Southern California. It was a wild ride, Shaq, Kobe, Horry, Fisher, Fox, Kareem Rush, Devean George, Luke Walton, Mark Madsen, oh yeah, Karl Malone and Gary Payton ... topped off with Phil Jackson. Damn. Those were some lineups. But much like the city we lived in, we didn't know the history, we didn't care. We all just went to the shiny fancy huge Staples Center with tons of cheap available parking and watched really expensive basketball. All flash. Just like LA.

Nope. Last night I spent watching Tim Wakefield rock the Orioles at Fenway (okay, I wasn't AT Fenway, I was watching on NESN, but still). I watched Wily Mo Pena feel at home in the batters box and in center field. And I watched Manny crush a ball over the monster.

Nope. No overpaid Kobe babies here (okay, Manny is close to overpaid, but he's not a baby).

05/05/06 - Star Wars: A New Hope Non-Special Edition on DVD!

Wow. Honestly, I was betting that this wouldn't happen until George Lucas was dead. You know, one of those ways that the remaining family cash in one last time.

But no.


Sweet. I'm psyched for this. I hate the special editions, and promised never to buy any of them.


05/03/06 - The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D?


05/03/06 - Mirabelli Mirabelli Mirabelli!!

Man, that was an AMAZING game on Monday night. I swear that's the Story of the Year for Boston sports. Forget Johnny Damon returning to Fenway. Mirabelli returning to Fenway, that's the story.

On Monday I was listening to the pre-game show on the radio driving to my brother's coffee shop to watch the game. Then WEEI announced that Mirabelli's plane wouldn't arrive on time, and Varitek was going to have to catch for Wakefield. Now, I've seen Varitek catch the knuckleball a few times, especially when Wake came in to pitch relief in 2004's playoffs. It ain't pretty. Nothing against Varitek - it's an impossible job for anyone.

Like poor Josh Bard. Good catcher, he tried really hard. Oh, and last night I saw that his birthday is March 30th - the same day as mine. I feel bad for him.

But I'm really glad that Theo and the management got off of their duffs and reversed the wrong they made this winter when they traded Mirabelli.

Lastly, did you SEE that Ortiz home run INTO the wind?? Holy crap was that pounded!!

05/01/06 - HOLY SHIT! The Red Sox reaquire Doug Mirabelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just ... wow.

This had better be true.


If you think Johnny Damon's going to get booed tonight, think how much this guy is going to get cheered.


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