Opening and introduction.

The last time I went to Walt Disney World was in the summer of 2000. My brother, Daniel, had a friend getting married in Orlando, and he needed a date to the wedding. Since we were there, we figured, why not go to Walt Disney World?

And thus scenes from a millenium celebration wdw vacation ... was born.

Before that, the last time I'd been was in March of 1999 with Daniel, my buddy Zak, and a gaggle of friends. That lead to scenes from a wdw vacation ...

But this year was the first time that I'd been to WDW with my parents since February of 1994. A few years ago Mom and Dad bought a place on Merritt Island, right near Cocoa Beach. I still hadn't seen it yet! So for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary in February we planned a trip. But I didn't have enough vacation days built up, so we had to postpone until April.

So Mom, Dad, Daniel and Arielle flew down from Maine and I flew out from Los Angeles, and we all met up there. Our family friends Faye, Brian and Erin Levasseur were going to be at Walt Disney World for the week, so we planned to meet with them. And my buddy Steve from work is now at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida working on one of their new films, so we planned on seeing him. Also my brother's old roommate works for Tupperwear in Orlando, and two of his and Arielle's friends from college live in Tampa. We had all sorts of people to see and things to do.

So let's get on with it ...

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