My New Car: That New Car Smell.

Man oh man, is this a sweet car. I'm talking, of course, about My New Car.

I have loved driving it around this weekend, I'll make any old excuse to drive. Hell, yesterday I drove to the drug store three times! The post office, once, and the gym once.

So this is going to sound frightening to some (if not all of you). I'm not used to new cars, not used to how they smell. You know, that "new car smell". Now, it's not a bad thing, I do like the new car smell. But I have an odd association with it.

See, most of the times I've ever been in a new car, it's been a rental car. And when have we had rental cars? On vacation. And since my family drove to most of my vacations in Virginia, Rhode Island and Washington, DC, I'm speaking specifically of my vacations to Orlando.

Yup. Walt Disney World.

For me, new car smell equals Walt Disney World.

Isn't that sick and frightening? Hell, I even scare myself sometimes. I mean, I'm the guy who can pull a Disney association out of my ass seven times out of eight, but this is too much.

I need a vacation.

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