5,000 Miles

So this morning I got up early - well, I mean, I can't sleep at all, so after awaking at 4:30 am, reading comic books for two and a half hours, then I got up and went to the gym. No, not the real gym, I had to get rid of that to afford My New Car back in February. I go to this little gym or "fitness center" in the basement of work. It's only a mile away, so I can go in the morning, work out some agression (of which I have lots and lots) and get home to shower in a timely fashion.

So this morning as I was pulling into my driveway at home, my car (as in My New Car) turned 5,000 miles!

The best part is the lease is for 10,000 miles a year, and it's already been over 6 and a half months - so I'm doing a-okay.

At least, in the car part of my life. The rest of my life? That's a big ol' mess. But I won't bore you with that ...

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