10/29/05 - Tonight's the Night ...

The Saturday night before or around Halloween is always the big night for Halloween parties. I'm going to a few tonight, but not the one that I really want to go to. That one's going on in Southern California. And whenever I think of Halloween parties a certain story sticks in my mind. Not one of my finer moments, but hey, we're all a little rough around the edges, right?

See, my buddy Nate out in California had this house in Santa Monica with three other guys. They all went to UC Santa Barbara, which is consistantly named one of the countries biggest party schools by Playboy and other fine journals that rank the party skills of the just-about-legal set. Yes, UCSB sounds like an amazing school, I mean, how can you fault the only campus in the entire country with its own beach?

Thus needless to say Nate and Co. knew how to party. And each year they threw the biggest Halloween party ever. They were huge. Retardedly huge. I remember in 2002 I was at the house early watching the end of game six of the World Series between Anaheim and San Francisco. Some women showed up in costume, and they were all, "Do you live here?" They had heard a friend-of-a-friend mention the party. They couldn't name one person who lived there, but they showed up, fit in, and had a great time.

So anyway, my story. This other year is the one that I remember the most. See, I kind of had this ... disagreement with my girlfriend at the time. It was stupid, I acted like a jackass, and my friend Mike Ochs still brings it up to this day.

My girlfriend was dressed as Supergirl. And I have a slight thing about Supergirl. The only issue? My girlfriend had very pretty, very curly, very brown hair. And as we all know, Supergirl is blonde.

And I kept saying that. To her. All night.

Nevermind the fact that I was dressed as Chef from South Park, I was concerned with the veracity of her costume.

Yup. I was such a jerk. Like I said, it's my worst memory of that party ...

10/28/05 - Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration.

Wow, I just read this online. Creepy.

Have a great weekend!

10/28/05 - Crabman is Rubberbandman!!!

I love discoveries like this.

Okay, you know Crabman from NBC's hit new comedy My Name Is Earl? The black dude who is either married to or just dating Earl's ex-wife Joy?

Well, today I picked up our Office Max catalog, and remember how a few months ago they started this annoying ad campaign with the black dude with the big 'fro named Rubberbandman?

Well Office Max's Rubberbandman is Crabman! How weird is that?

The best part? He also had a bit part in "Torque", the best movie of all of last year!!!

10/27/05 - Axl is 2nd coolest old person

Just saw this article on MTV.com. Awesome.

10/27/05 - Clone High USA

Yesterday I got the DVD set of MTV's Clone High USA. Well, actually the DVD set I got was Teletoon's Clone High. Yeah, the DVDs are from Canada, I guess Clone High played on "The Detour on Teletoon", which is Canadian for "Adult Swim".

Yeah, the Canadian cartoon channel shows Family Guy, Futurama, Clone Wars, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, The Venture Bros, etc.

So anyway, Clone High began on MTV in November of 2002 and lasted for 13 episodes. The funny part is Will Forte, who plays Bush on Saturday Night Live, was the voice of Abe Lincoln, the main character. And Bill Lawrence, who created "Scrubs", was a producer, so Michael J. Fox, Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison do a couple of voices. Most notable the Scrubs three are the X-Stream salespeople. Fox is the remaining kidney (after one was donated). Braff is also Paul Revere. Donald Faison does a great George Washington Carver.

And because it was on MTV a few random celebs such as Marilyn Manson and Tom Green appear.

Oh yeah, one more fact - Liam Lynch, of "Sifl & Olly" and "Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic" fame, wrote the songs.

Anyway, it's a fun show. Not great, but really pretty amusing show, and really well designed (Carey Yost, one of the Samurai Jack storyboard artist was the Art director and Main Character Designer) and sadly worth more than the 13 short episodes produced.

10/27/05 - AT&T Logo

I just read a sad article. You know how SBC annouced in January that they are buying AT&T? Well today SBC is saying they plan on retaining the world-famous AT&T name in some form.

Which is all fine and good, but the company said it plans to introduce a new corporate logo next year.

I hate that. The AT&T logo is cool. And by now you all know one of my many obsessions is with corporate logos.

The AT&T globe logo was designed by Saul Bass, for the love of God. (Sidenote, he also did the older Bell Systems logo, too).

Both are simple, effective, recognizable. What logos designed in the last decade are that cool? (Okay, maybe Cingular Wireless - but not many else.)

Nowadays even more of the established companies are changing their classic logos, think UPS, Pizza Hut, Burger King and even Subway - to a more diagonal, some might say 'dynamic' feel. It's lame.

Even America Online has switched out their logo, not that it was ever that classic, but still ...

So what, am I going to have to update the joshedwards.com logo in 2006? Something with more colors, something diagonal, something for the kids? Geesh.

10/27/05 - They always blame "lightning", don't they?

Just saw this in the news. Odd. Really odd.

10/27/05 - Cold

Today was the first morning that I really had to scrape my windshield. It was about 32 degrees out at 7 am. Thank God that it wasn't rainy today, or it wouldn't have been rain!!

Winter is upon us in the Great State of Maine!

10/26/05 - Another "Josh Edwards"

Today while investigating Google Blog Search I found another dude named Josh Edwards.

Here's The Other Josh Edwards' blog.

I think y'all should go read his blog and reply with comments such as, "You're not Josh Edwards" and "Where is the real Josh Edwards."

That'd be funny.

To me.

The real Josh Edwards.

10/26/05 - Passport Scary

Wow, I hate to say I told you so, but ... antennas in our passports?!?

Told ya so.

10/25/05 - Craziest Walt Disney World Postcard ever!

Wow. Just ... wow.

One of my buddies from Cali just went to Walt Disney World on vacation and sent me this postcard. He called it "Semi-hideous" - and I think he was being polite ...

What a random selection of second, third and fourth-rate Disney characters!

Do you know of Gurgi from the Black Cauldron? The little Muppet-y "crunchings and munchings" critter? Well, back when I used to work at Disney I always made jokes with my friends about Gurgi, like, "The Black Cauldron 2 is going to be all about Gurgi. It's going to be huge. Kids are going to love it. Just wait."

Anyway yeah, that was one of the many occasions where it was good nobody in power listened to me.

So Gurgi is on this card (right above Tinkerbell's head).

Let's see who else is on here ... B'rer Rabbit from the oft-maligned "Song of the South", Toad from "The Wind and the Willows" (and formerly of WDW's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride), Todd and Copper from The Fox and the Hound, Figment from Epcot, Elliot from "Pete's Dragon", Bernard and Miss Bianca from the Rescuers movies, Robin Hood, Thomas O'Malley and Dutchess from "the Aristocats" (!), Basil from "The Great Mouse Detective", Oliver from "Oliver & Company", Quasi from Hunchback, and last and certainly not least, Emperor Kuzco from Groove.

What a freaking assortment. This is ... wow. Just wow.

10/25/05 - U.S. Military Deaths Reach 2,000 in Iraq

Did you see that the U.S. military death toll reached 2,000 troops? Yup, with the death of an Army sergeant who was wounded by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad and died in Texas last weekend.

I know namecalling is lame, but I really want to start calling George W. Bush "George II". Play-up the whole relation to his father and his father's war. Why is this so transparent to so many people, yet others can't see this war for what it is?!

God, I hope my children's history books reflect negatively on this period in time ...

10/24/05 - Mac Mini Clone

You knew it was going to happen someday. Someone is trying to rip-off the Mac Mini's design.

The Voodoo Idol Mini PC came out the other week. The best part? It's more expensive than the real Mini!! Its MSRP? $899.

Fools! They should have cloned the price, too!

10/24/05 - Davey and Goliath - the revenge!

Wow. I knew we as a country were moving towards more of a religious, "red state" place, but who knew that this was going to happen?!

I'm referring, of course, to this new DVD coming out in a few weeks: Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas.

I'm kind of interested in seeing this, actually. You just know that it's going to be so middle-of-the-road and pseudo-extreme it'll be painful. But how painful? It's kind of like when you smell the sour milk, even though you know it went bad a month ago. It's like a feat of strength.

Like, "Dude, I actually sat through the entire Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas."

"No way! Wow, you're the man!"

(Slap high fives).


10/24/05 - My favorite TV? The bad stuff.

Every year the Parents Television Council rates the best and the worst shows on primetime television. You can find this year's list on their website.

Anyway, some of my favorite shows are up there. On the "worst" list. Probably my favorite show on TV right now is Arrested Development, or number nine on the PTC Worst list. The OC is number four (apparently they didn't like Marissa's mom's porn tape last year! Who knew the PTC were such prudes?) Family Guy is number three and American Dad is number four.

You might ask what they like?

Well, for some reason they only gave a Top Nine for best shows. Maybe they're making a statement there? Anyway, they like American Idol, where wannabes can go and whore themselves out for fame, 7th Heaven, former home of such appropriate role models as Gear Magazine's naked cover girl Jessica Biel and lip-sycning Ashley Simpson. Oh, they also like Dancing with the Stars. Granted, "stars" is a somewhat loose-fitting term, I guess "former Playboy Playmate of the Year" works as "star", like last summer's winner Kelly Monaco. 'Cause who doesn't want to dance with her? Guess the PTC does!

Rounding out the top ten--er, nine? The Ghost Whisperer - I don't even know what that is - nor do I know what Three Wishes is. Everybody Hates Chris and Bernie Mac - because if the PTC didn't vote for them they'd come off as racist. Reba, because you can't get any more middle of the road than Reba. Oh, and the number one show? The one where they give the one-armed guy a half-a-million dollar log home, even if he has two drunk-driving convictions and, get this, an armed robbery conviction. Well, make that a ONE-armed robbery conviction. (Hey, homeboy's from Maine, I can make fun of him! We're peeps!) Yup, everyone loves Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Looking over the list I'm glad I like the bad shows. Although if a former Playmate wanted to ballroom dance with me I might just have to give her a whirl ...

10/21/05 - Suburban Legends' Dallas Cook dead at 23.

Wow, I'm really, really bummed out right now.

Before I left California there was this band we used to see open for all of the punk-ska bands in OC - The Suburban Legends. They were like the original ska boy band - every song had a choreographed dance to it - but it wasn't lame or stupid - it was totally fun. The songs were good, too. If I ran the world they would be huge.

I just read something horrible on their website, their trombone player died this week. This guy always reminded me of my brother's former roommate Andy - somehow they looked alike, or had similar senses of humor, or something. Anyway, this is positively horrible:

My heart goes out to Ryan Dallas Cook's family and friends. He will be missed.

10/21/05 - Podcast Fun.

Wow, what a morning drive! The sun is finally out again! (Granted it's shining directly into my sunglass-less eyes.)

But the best part were the podcasts I was listening to. Driving two-and-a-half hours a day gets old, I mean, I love my music but there's only so many times you can listen to Rock Steady. That's why I love these podcasts.

This morning's lineup?

I started out with Rob Long KCRW's Martini Shot. Funny stuff about Hollywood and writing for TV. You should check it out.

Next up was United States Senator Barack Obama. He's going to be big. Plus? Cool name.

Lastly Mark Hoppus, formerly of Blink-182, has a new podcast on iTunes called "Hi My Name Is Mark". Very jovial surfer-boy DJing. But he's not as dumb as he sounds, you know? Fun show.

So that's what I did this morning.

10/20/05 - Rough Night of Kickball.

Well, we won, but barely. Almost couldn't field a team again this week - squeaked by with four boys and four ladies - league minimum. The other team had eleven, but we still beat on them.

It was a shitty victory, though. The other team captain is a dick - he was muttering under his breath all game while pitching and then I guess he told me to bite him after I congratulated our team. Seriously? What, are we on the playground here? He yells at his own team quite a bit, too, it's pretty sad. I mean, pick a team and berate them - don't go after both teams.

Plus he has a really ugly beard.

Anyway, it's all good - we won - and the two lovebirds on our team who think they're keeping their romance a secret didn't show. Sure that kind of sucked because with eight players you can barely cover the outfield, but at least they weren't all ga-ga over each other the whole game like they usually are. Oh man, I won't even get into how unprofessional they were in this one meeting at work this morning. He said something about going on a training together and they gave each other this sly look. I'm sure in their simple little minds they were being clever, but to everyone else it was nauseating. You're not fooling anyone, you retards!

So yeah, it was good they weren't on the field to dry-hump each other in front of our entire team, his ex, and their God.

Which is kickball.

Kickball god.

(Good lord do I have to go to bed!)

10/19/05 - The Mad Monkey is upon us!

So today the Mad Monkey Cafe opened in Raymond, Maine.

What is the Mad Monkey Cafe? Only the coolest coffee shop in all of Raymond that's co-owned by Daniel Edwards!

Yep, my brother has augmented his Art Barn design firm with a coffee shop. Now he's a double business-owner! How about that! My little brother is making me out to be a slacker!

So next time you're in Raymond, check it out! It's right off of 302, across from the crazy gun shop guy.

10/19/05 - The Office Blog.

So I missed "My Name is Earl" and "The Office" last night due to Mom's birthday dinner. Oops. I so need me one of them TiVo boxes. Well, that ... and cable.

Anyway, I saw this yesterday, writer and cast member BJ Novak from "The Office" has a blog on TVGuide.com. It's pretty funny.

Check it out, and if you haven't seen either of those two shows, check them out, too. Next to "Arrested Development" they're my three favorite shows.

Well, those and "The West Wing".

And baseball, when the Red Sox win.

10/19/05 - Yankee / Rebel Test.

So my buddy down in Memphis sent me this really funny test to see if you're a Yankee or a Rebel.

I can't believe that I got the "hero sandwich" question wrong! They're going to kick me out of the state now.

Take the test and enjoy.

10/17/05 - Simpsons-talk.

Wikipedia is awesome, but this tops everything, Made-up words in The Simpsons!!

My favorite:

Awesome. Shakespeare was a Simpsons fan ...

10/17/05 - A.J. Pierzynski is an ass.

Screw the White Sox. First they take out my Red Sox, then they take out my number two team Anaheim. (Yes, I know they're "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" but I'm pissed off right now so leave me be!)

And no, this ISN'T all about that first messed up call where they screwed over the catcher Josh Paul, even IF that guy is my favorite big-league player on basis of name alone. (Also on the favorite name list? Mike Myers, Kevin Youkilis, Yhency Brazobán and of course Cla Meredith).

10/15/05 - The Clock of the Long Now.

There's a great article in the new Discover Magazine about Danny Hillis' The Clock of the Long Now.

The Clock of the Long Now is a large (think Stonehenge) mechanical clock, that will last 10,000 years. It ticks once a year, bongs once a century, and the cuckoo comes out every millennium. It's not built yet, but they've already bought land in Nevada to put it on.

Danny Hillis is a genius. If you haven't heard of him, he's the guy who thought-up parallel computers as well as the RAID disk array technology used to store large databases. He also worked for Disney Imagineering for a short period in the post-Disney Decade 1990s as a Disney Fellow. Ne now is co-chairman of The Long Now Foundation that is putting together this giant clock, as well as co-chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Applied Minds, Inc., where a bunch of the former Disney Fellows ended up.

So go read the article. Do it now. It's not like you've got that much time left ...

10/14/05 - No FireWire on New iPod?

Just read this article:

10/14/05 - What is 'Vingle'?

I love shit like this:

10/14/05 - Kickball Travesty.

So last night we couldn't even field a full team, and we had to forfeit our kickball game. This coming one week after our double-header victories.

Sad day.

10/12/05 - Video iPod.

Well, I was right. Boy, was I. Have you seen this puppy?

Plus, genius! You can download episodes of select ABC shows the day after broadcast. Man, when they start doing that with Cartoon Network, I'll be psyched. I'm missing all of the good shows over there!

10/11/05 - What the Smurf?!? This is some smurfed-up smurf here!!!

Wow, just read this messed up article. Kinda want to see the ad now ...

10/11/05 - The Next Bond?

I don't think I'd ever heard the name Daniel Craig before today. Now I've read two articles about him today - that he's not only (probably) the next James Bond, and that he also stole away Jude Law's lady, Sienna Miller.


Guess he's worthy of Bond if he can pull that stunt off ...

10/11/05 - Maine's iBook Initiative.

I just read an article from the Portland Press Herald about Maine's One-to-One Laptop Program that's set to expire next year.

The program began in January of 2002 when Maine signed a four-year, $37.2 million contract with Apple Computer to provide iBook laptops to every seventh and eight grade student, and their teachers, in the state.

Right now there are 38,000 laptops in circulation at 243 schools.

This is an amazing plan. Maine has more than its share of rural and poor people, and making sure every child is computer literate is a complete necessity in this day and age.

But not only the children, it's also good for the teachers. I've loved Macintoshes since the late 1980s when we got our Mac Plus - and I was completely embarassed that my Dad knew OS X inside and out before I did. You see, he was an 8th Grade Science teacher here in Maine (up until his retirement last year). He had an iBook to use at school ... and to also play with. He knew iPhoto inside and out - it was full of pictures of his students' projects.

To take that away from the teachers and the students would be a travesty.

For more info:

10/09/05 - Osama Alive?

So I just read the most foolish AP article about yesterday's 7.6 magnitude earthquake that stretched from Pakistan to India to Afghanistan.

The first line was, "No evidence suggests that the deadly earthquake that rocked Pakistan on Saturday injured or killed the world's top terror leader, Osama bin Laden."

Okay, you know what? I don't believe you. I don't believe your "top US official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the information's sensitivity".

Because I'm pretty sure that the US government has no damned clue where Osama is. He's probably in Key Wesy on the beach right now. Or teeing off on some high-falutin' green in Hilton Head. Maybe in Cabo with Sammy Hagar?

How our government can pretend to know that he's not one of the 20,000 to 30,000 dead is beyond me.

I mean, remember when the army was up his nose in Tora-Bora right after September 11? They were like, three caves away when he escaped?

Do we really know where he is right now? And, if so, um, why not get him? Or are we waiting until Jeb is running in Nov of 2008 and he needs that last minute push? Or maybe some good news to cover up another of the Bush kids' most recent drinking and drug binge?

Yeah, I'm still shocked that he didn't "magically" appear in late-October in 2004. That Bush didn't parade him out under another "Mission Accomplished" banner two weeks before the election.

Either way, I'll be watching Al-Jazeera for a new Osama video hit that proves he's alive. Forget this trusting the government crap.

10/07/05 - Kickball Kings (and Queens)

So we won both of our kickball games last night, but at quite a cost. I think both of the other teams hate us now. Let's just say we argued a few calls. Okay, lots of calls.

But the refs kind of sucked! And is it my fault that the other team was confused at the score? They could have written it down!

Yeah, I don't feel great about our two victories, honestly. Except our pitching, I feel good about that. One of the women at work who I don't even know very well pitched both games in the double-header. She did a great job, too. So I was psyched about that.

But the rest? I don't feel so great about it.

10/06/05 - Pibb Zero?!?

By now you all know my scary obsession with Mr. Pibb / Pibb Xtra and Diet Mt. Dew Code Red. So you shouldn't be surprised I looked up Pibb on Wikipedia.

What I found was scary, though - Coke's come out with Pibb Zero!

I read a few reviews that were harsh, and my brief sip of Coke Zero was horrible, so I can only assume it sucks. But still, nice to see Coke giving it a try ...

10/06/05 - "Mission Impregnated" or "TomKitten" - which makes me want to gouge my eyes out more?

I hate the press almost as much as I hate Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. And I really hate their unborn child ...

10/05/05 - Ricky Gervais on Arrested Development!!

Just saw this article:

10/05/05 - Is this the video iPod?!?

Is my nano going to be out-of-date already?!?! Just saw this story online:

10/04/05 - GoogleOffice

I'm psyched for Google and Sun Microsystems to team up to wail on Microsoft - anyone trying to take down Gates is fighting the good fight in my mind.

I just wish Google would work on it's integration with Macs. Google Earth? PC only. Google Desktop? PC only. Picassa? PC only. Hell, I'm surprised that Google Mail and Froogle work on my iBook!!

So step it up, Google, you've got 5% of the computer market just waiting to be on your side!!

10/03/05 - Disney Mix Sticks?? Seriously?

I just saw this article ... huh. This little thing's actually pretty cool, what with it taking an SD card. That gives you a pretty good range of music, if you have more than one card. I actually was looking for an SD card mp3 player back before I got Shuffie McShuffle.

I don't know if it can play the AAC files, though ... and that's most of my iTunes library.

10/03/05 - Curious George trailer on Wallce & Gromit!!

Sweet! We're getting a trailer Friday for 'Curious George'!

10/03/05 - $100 Laptop

Wow, just read about this, great idea. Sadly, I think it could be used here in the states to almost the same effect ...

Check it out at $100 Laptop.

10/03/05 - Rachael Ray got married.

Crap, Rachael Ray from the Food Network married her boyfriend.

She's the one that I wasn't sure if I liked or not awhile back.

Since then I decided that I did like her.

Now that I can't have her, I'll probably develop an unhealthy crush. Sad but true.

The good thing is that she's everywhere: Besides being the host of "30 Minute Meals," "$40 a Day" and "Tasty Travels!" she also has a deal with Oprah Winfrey's production company for a syndicated cooking show pilot and is launching a magazine, "Every Day with Rachael Ray," next month.

10/02/05 - Music From The OC: Mix 5.

Even if the show sucks this year, at least the music is good! Out Nov 8th.

Music From The OC: Mix 5

Track Listing:

10/02/05 - Eisner leaving Disney ...

Maybe this is why Eisner is leaving Disney? An affair of the heart with Mickey's gal pal?!

10/01/05 - Red Sox v. Yankees

Now I know I'm not a smart fella, and I might be a little lightheaded from the loss tonight of the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees that somehow, magically gave the Yankees the American League East championship. With one game left to play in the regular season (tomorrow) and the Red Sox only down by one game, how can anyone be the clear winner?

The Fox commentators spent a good seventy percent of the game telling us what would happen if the Yankees won and the Indians lost and if the Indians won and if the Yankees won (they didn't seem to even entertain the notion that the Sox might win). It was all talking in circles. I thought they were just retards, until I read this AP article:

Got all of that?

Reminds me of "Baseketball":

Although I would love to see Manny vs. A-Rod in a sack race ...

10/01/05 - Eisner's End.

So Michael Eisner is done being the CEO of Disney. Huh. Part of me really thought I'd never live to see the day. Or at least Eisner'd never live to see the day. He ran the company for 21 years, and only overstayed his welcome by about 10.

In happier times.

Yep, I'm one of those people who subscribes to the notion that the beginning of Eisner's end was when Frank Wells, the president of the company, died in a plane crash in early 1994. It was really all downhill from there. I think he kept Eisner in check in many ways, and had he lived he would have prevented some of the mistakes that Eisner made. Mistakes such as Disney's California Adventure being cheaply designed and cheaply built, Disneyland's Light Magic ever seeing the light of day, Jeffrey Katzenberg leaving to form DreamWorks, the downfall of traditional animation, the Weinsteins leaving Miramax, the Disney Stores expanding too rapidly, the Disney Institute being formed and then failing, Go.com being formed and then failing, DisneyQuest being formed and then failing and Club Disney being formed and then failing. Oh, there are more mistakes that Eisner's made in the last decade, don't get me wrong, but these are the ten that just popped into my mind as I typed.

Anyway, I really do hope Iger has the personality and the wherewithall to make a mark on the company and not reign in Eisner's shadow. Good luck to him.

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