Monday, December 10, 2007
I don't want to imply that it's all about the winning, really, but it kind of is. So isn't it pretty amazing that the Patriots are 13-0 and the Celtics are 17-2 right now?

I just read that after last night's win Bill Belichick improved to 100-39 as Patriots coach, including the playoffs.

That's a .719 winning percentage.

So I had to do some digging but I determined that Red Auerbach's record with the Celtics was 1037-548 a .654 winning percentage.

So right now Belichick is better than Auerbach?

I know one has only coached 8 years and one was there for close to thirty, but still, someday I can picture a hoodied statue to join Red's statue at Quincy Market in Boston.

For the record, Terry Francona has 682-645 with the Red Sox so far, a .514 winning percentage, and Doc Rivers has only 119-146 with the Celtics, a .449 winning percentage.
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