Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Wow, so who would have thought that the cliffhanger follow-up season premiere of Lost could be seriously challenged by politics?

Yep, we've been without Lost for darn near a year, and the two-hour premiere is on Thursday at 9 pm**. But we're also less than a week away from Super Tuesday and CNN, the Los Angeles Times and POLITICO are throwing a Democratic debate tomorrow night. It's scheduled to start at 8 pm and last 90 minutes.

Um, hope nothing interesting happens in the first quarter of Lost?

Hope no sparks fly in the last third of the debate?

Wow, this is a pickle! If ABC were smart they'd delay the start of Lost. (Or maybe if CNN were smart, they'd start it earlier.)

Either way, this is one of those moments where one would really love a TiVo.

(That is, if one lived in the States. For us? Watch the rerun of the debate at 2 pm Friday on CNN International and download Lost on the Apple iTunes Store at about the same time ...)

UPDATE: I just found out the Lost premiere is on at 8 pm! Oh my stars and garters, what is the American television watching public going to do?!?
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Didja hear the GREAT news?!? The Red Sox lost the bid for Johan Santana ... to the Mets!

Sure, no doubt the twice Cy Young awarded Santana is great, but I don't think he was worth Ellsbury and Lester and more.

And the fact that he's gone to a National League team and not the Yankees ... sweeeeeet!

Two weeks until spring training!

Red Sox Logo
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Awesome! But how was this article written last summer (on my brother's birthday, no less) and I didn't hear about it until now?

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Not to defend Britney Spears or anything, but I just saw a couple of disturbing statistics in Time about coverage of her in by the somewhat new OK! Magazine:

    1) OK! has put her on the cover 54 times in 103 issues since Jan 06
    2) OK! has a team of ten people in LA to devoted to coverage of her
Not to only pick on OK!, though. US Weekly put Spears on nearly 2/3 of their covers last year, including EACH of the last 14.

Yeah, and we wonder why she's bonkers ...
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Friday, January 25, 2008
Okay, this is the last post for the day, I swear!

Last week I'd seen the teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' new Star Trek flick on YouTube or something, but now the Official Site has it in glorious High Def (I love you QuickTime!).

I haven't been paying that much attention to the movie, I mean, I knew Leonard "Spock" Nimoy, Eric "Hulk" Bana and John "Harold" Cho were all in it ... but in the credit block at the end there's Winona Ryder's name?!?!?


Wait, Winona Ryder is going to be in Star Trek?

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Wow, so I just heard that Heath Ledger was filming a Terry Gilliam movie when he died this week.

So now The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has halted production and everyone has gone home.

I can't believe that. Wow, Gilliam is just so freakin' jinxed ...
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So if you ever wondered what animation writer Paul Dini of Krypto the Superdog, Duck Dodgers, Justice League, Tiny Toon Adventures, Freakazoid and ... Jem fame (oh yeah, he also did Batman: The Animated Series and an episode of Lost) thinks of today's feature animated films, check out his blog from the other day: Your animation feature template.

Wow. Snarky.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008
Of course I'd find this after Christmas. It's a light-up animated Citgo sign toy!!

The real Citgo sign is in Boston, on top of the BU Bookstore Mall in Kenmore Square. I'd have to say that it's one of my favorite features of the city.

I don't really need the toy, don't anyone buy it for me or anything, but still, it's pretty cute, eh?

citgo sign toy
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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Sweet! I didn't realize that Chris Sanders even had a blog, but he does, and every Monday he's going to throw a comic strip up at Kiskaloo.

For those of you who don't know, Chris Sanders is the animation director responsible for Disney's Lilo & Stitch. You might also recall him from my brief five minutes of fame back in 2006.

So check it out!
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Friday, January 11, 2008
Disney's Hollywood Studios

Since we've been running around for the last few days I hadn't seen the new Disney's Hollywood Studios logo until today. If you remember this is the new name for the former Disney-MGM Studios theme park in Florida (see Disney-MGM Studios).

I'm not sure I like the new logo. While I'm a fan of the art deco typeface, the gradients on the border seem a little excessive. And I think the "O"s being conjoined is a little too game-show hokey for me.

And this is going to seem a mite nit-pickish - but do Mickey's ears seem a little small to you? They seem it to me, too. The lower half of the clapper is also much too small.

It's too bad that it took this long to get a new name and logo for this park, and this is what we end up with.
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So somewhere in this Edmund Hillary-thing there's a joke about Hillary Clinton I know it, I'm just too jet-lagged to think of it.

Too bad the WGA is on strike, too ...
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